Mallorca – our magical 3-day road trip itinerary

We’ve been wanting to share our itinerary in Mallorca from our long weekend trip at the beginning of March. We have a passion for traveling during the low tourist season which allows us to capture magical moments and the most beautiful parts of places that are massive magnets for visitors. That was the case with the Balearic island of Mallorca. So here’s our three-day off-season itinerary with some practicalities.

Western coastline, Mallorca, Spain

Cala Millor

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We decided to stay in Cala Millor just because we saw an amazing apartment with a direct view over the sea and the promenade and we couldn’t be much happier. We were seriously tempted to stay in our unit of Apartamentos Xaloc HRC all day long and ditch the whole road trip around the island.

Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spain
The sunrise from our apartment in Cala Millor

With only three days in Mallorca, we were aware we couldn’t do the island justice. So we decided to indulge in art-of-living experiences, including breakfasts with sea views and long brunches. Across our apartment, we stumbled upon Restaurant Sa Caleta and became regulars.

Restaurant sa Caleta, Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spain

And somewhere we read a review that nearby (in Cala Bona) was the best Italian place on the whole island – Paparazzi restaurant. We became regulars there, too.

Paparazzi restaurant, Mallorca, Spain

But of course, we would feel ashamed if we were just eating and indulging in nice views in Cala Millor. We also walked the promenade a few times, and it was pleasant activity with great views and even artsy surprises.

Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spain
Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spain

Cala Santanyí

We headed to the southeast coast to enjoy some beaches, secluded bays, coves, and rocks. Cala Santanyi is a small resort with a beach of clear waters, which welcomed us almost free of any human presence and free of the typical seaweed that visits the beach with crystal waters every summer.

Cala Santanyí, Mallorca, Spain

Es Pontàs

Still cherishing our memories from the Azure Window in Malta (which we had the pleasure to visit before it collapsed), we started a short hike to the Mallorcan Azure Window called Es Pontas. There one has the possibility to go much nearer the arch, although you should take precautions as pieces of cliff break away and fall down into the water all the time. Anyway, the place is beautiful and you can barely meet anybody.

Es Pontàs, Mallorca, Spain

Cala Figuera

Another of the scenic bays of the southeast coast, the town of Cala Figuera stretches from high cliffs to the south of the town to the fishing harbor at the end of a fjord-like inlet. It is home to some of the most picturesque traditional buildings on the whole island of Mallorca, as well as a number of millionaires’ mansions overlooking the charming harbor entrance.

Cala Figuera, Mallorca, Spain

Far de Capdepera

Mallorca’s easternmost point is marked by Far de Capdepera, a lighthouse working since 1861. The road there (especially at the end) can feel a bit like you got lost, but if you drive to the end or hike up, you’ll find some amazing views.

Far de Capdepera, Mallorca, Spain

Colònia de Sant Pere

Colonia de Sant Pere was a fishing and agriculture settlement and today it’s attracting visitors who want to have a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of Mallorca or enjoy maritime activities.

Colònia de Sant Pere, Mallorca, Spain

Drach Caves

One of the most visited attractions on the island, those caves are definitely worth the hype. With magical scenery surrounding you at all times of your visit, you can easily forget that you need natural light and want to stay there forever. At the end of the visit, you witness a live classical concert that gives you goosebumps. We recommend booking a ticket online to avoid waiting in lines.

Drach Cave, Mallorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca

Although you can spend a whole week discovering the capital – Palma de Mallorca, we recommend that you do that on foot (and maybe even dance a little). We had a lot of fun in the Santa Catalina district with its old market and hip cafes and of course around the Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca. And anywhere we walked.


As it’s said to be one of the last remaining authentic coastal villages on the island, we had to go check it out. Banyalbufar, or “founded by the sea” coming from Arabic, welcomed us with its ancient terraced hillsides descending down to the sea, and glorious views of the Tramuntana mountains. Don’t forget to visit Torre de ses Animes, the watchtower constructed by local inhabitants to protect themselves from Moorish pirates.

Banyalbufar, Mallorca, Spain


You can go to Valldemossa to enjoy the 13-century monastery with beautiful gardens, to see where Chopin finished the “Raindrop” prelude in D-flat major, to eat a cake in a lemon- and orange-tree garden, or wander around artisan shops – and you will never be wrong to visit this charming town. The rain that welcomed us reminded us a bit of our beloved Galicia.

Valdemossa, Mallorca, Spain


We only stopped by to take a thousand pictures but next time we’d love to spend more time in Deia. Perched in a gorge at the foot of the Teix mountain, with views out to the Mediterranean below, the World Heritage Site landscape of Deià has long been a magnet for famous artists, writers, and other creatives.

Deià, Mallorca, Spain

Port de Sóller

Port de Soller is a picturesque little village situated in a large horseshoe bay on the west coast of Mallorca. Even though it’s no longer one of the island’s best-kept secrets, it’s lovely to walk the beach promenade, try to catch the tram passing, or even take a dip in the water.

Port de Sóller, Mallorca, Spain


A couple of villages combined form the Soller inland town where most visitors arrive by the scenic train route from Palma de Mallorca. There’s nothing not to like there – the typical residential houses with green Mallorcan shutters, the plenty of charming cafes, gelaterias, and tapas bars, the popular freshly-squeezed orange juice, or the occasionally passing vintage trams and trains.

Sóller, Mallorca, Spain
Sóller, Mallorca, Spain

The road trip

We visited all those magical places in Mallorca thanks to this beautiful green Fiat which contributed to “dolce vita” and was essential when navigating through tiny streets. As usual, we got a great deal on this rental car on

Our rental car in Mallorca, Spain

And this was our 3-day itinerary on Mallorca, visiting magical places and enjoying some slow moments. Off-season really inspired a great time so we have nothing to do more than to recommend visiting the Balearic island in winter/spring. Do let us know some things to do and places to visit for our next time there!

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