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Puglia is so full of magic that it keeps attracting us to its fairytale land. It’s really hard to do it justice, so we decided to put together our most magical moments from two of our visits in the time span of two months. For practical details on how to visit Apulia, check out our guide on Puglia. But now, let’s dive into magic!

Get lost around Matera’s Sassi

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because the Sassi are calling you to walk up and down and get lost. Don’t forget to look around because magical views are everywhere.

Get an ape ride

You can get an ape ride to cut some distance, or when you get tired, but we recommend trying the ape to experience Matera from another perspective with a local person to share some stories and viewpoints with you.

Walk Matera at dusk

When the Sassi get lit at dusk, that’s when the magic levels hit the sky!

Have dinner in a Sasso

You can stay in a Sasso, but we chose to have dinner in one – not only the atmosphere was brilliant, but also the homemade Italian dishes.

Go to an opera in Matera

We accidentally saw there’s an opera performance that night. And we knew we should appreciate a piece created by a local maestro which was so beautiful to hear!

Enjoy a hearty breakfast with a view

We stayed just on the edge of the Sassi area and our breakfast was not only delicious but it came with a fantastic view.

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We stayed at Limen Matera and highly recommend this place – the room, the ambiance, the breakfast, the view, the hospitality – everything was just great!

Find the best viewpoint over Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano

A few minutes drive away (or a decent hike away) you’ll find a hill with even older Sassi. We reached Belvedere Murgia Timone to find the best views of Matera and old dwellings, churches, and viewing platforms.

Discover old and new Trulli

It will all start as soon as you get closer to Alberobello – you’ll start noticing some old Trulli houses, as well as new ones – most of them in use! You’ll find many old Trulli still fully functional, a church – trullo, and new Truli – all that to mesmerize you!

Find a Saturday lunch restaurant where only locals go

And as we started browsing Alberobello for lunch, the road took us to a restaurant where only locals went. The food was simply magic!

Browse the Trulli and spot them in a magical fog

At the beginning of November, a fog would appear and stay until it gets really thick. Well, some of the Trulli were ready for that, lit and illuminating the air.

Have prosecco and mozzarella in the locals’ style

Saturday evening with no reservations? Not an easy task to find a place to dine. But we found the best place at a cheese and wine bar, which was mostly serving takeaway orders and some lost walk-ins like us. It was an amazing improvised cheese- and wine-tasting.

Food in Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

Stay in a Trullo

Our romantic souls couldn’t miss the chance to spend the night in a Trullo. While there’s not much natural light inside, it’s absolutely lovely to try the experience and stay in a Trullo!

We found the best deal on this accommodation: Charming Trulli in Alberobello

Feel the breeze in sunny Monopoli

Monopoli is a great place to have a walk, get some sunshine on the beach, grab a bite (and maybe even, poetically, play some Monopoly at a cafe on the narrow streets)!

Contemplate the grottos in Polignano a mare

Polignano a mare is a place where majestic cliffs cutting into the sea meet old houses, each pretending to have the best view. Don’t forget to visit the monument of Domenico Modugno and sing away Volare until the rest of your stay!

Find the best ice-cream

Years ago, we thought we have found the perfect gelato in Polignano a mare. So we headed on another delicious quest to find THE Ice Cream.

Ice cream in Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy

Get lost in Vecchia Bari

Old town Bari has a different kind of magic, especially after dark, and its narrow and winding streets are an invitation to start walking and try not to get lost without Google Maps.

Bari, Puglia, Italy

Shop for handmade pasta on made-shift stalls

One of the most magical moments in Bari is when you see many locals selling their handmade pasta on stalls just in front of their homes!

Bari, Puglia, Italy

Eat to your heart’s content

It’s Italy, it’s Puglia, it’s Bari – so yet again, you will pamper yourselves with some hearty meals!

Stay in old town Bari

We decided to stay in an apartment in Vecchia Bari and although we had to walk quite a bit to the parking lot, it was a great way to experience the coziness and close proximity of the neighbors.

We stayed at Casa Marylisa in Bari and can recommend it for up to 4 people.

Bari, Puglia, Italy

Discover the gates of Lecce and get lost in the tiny streets

Get those comfy shoes again because you’ll be exploring the beautiful Lecce with its gates, parks, ancient theaters, churches, and buildings. Check out how many gates you can pass under!

We stayed at Parini Flat in Lecce within walking distance of the old town.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Italian style

Although а bit too many people shooting all kinds of fireworks, the festive atmosphere was present. The highlight of our New Year’s Eve was a local pizzeria with old-time Italian hits played live, especially the improvised karaoke.


Go royal around Gallipoli Castle

If you’re into castles, boats, islands, promenades, or not – Gallipoli is a welcoming and magical place to walk around!

Galipoli, Puglia, Italy

Absorb sea views in Gallipoli

When you choose if you want to walk on the sunny side or under the shades, you can find your part of the beach or just enjoy the houses lined up.

Stand on top of Punta Ristola Leuca

Punta Ristola Leuca is a rocky outcrop and seafront lookout, the southernmost point of Italy’s “heel,” with sculptures & caves. And visiting this place or some of the nearby grottos is worth the time!

Enjoy the sunset from Santa Maria di Leuca port

The sun would go down right into the sea, leaving the landscape bright orange and red. What better view to enjoy the sunset with a cappuccino/Aperol in hand?

Santa Maria di Leuca port

Hunt for views and castles in Otranto

A castle, many boats, many terraced houses, and bright views to absorb – Otranto is like a magnet for smiling weather and Apulia magic!

Have lunch in a rustic Italian environment

We got lost on the road of Puglia, trying to find a place for lunch before they close for a siesta. And the magic knew to take us to Uggiano la Chiesa where we could enjoy delicious meals in a blooming rustic environment.

Watch the sunset from Lighthouse Punta Palascìa

We drove like crazy to catch the sunset after our relaxed late lunch, and we made it just in time to see the changing colors of the sky above the Punta Palascia Lighthouse!

We can highly recommend all the places we stayed at – Limen Matera in Matera, Casa Marylisa in Bari, Charming Trulli in Alberobello, and Parini Flat in Lecce.

See you again, fairytale land! Apulia – we know you have more and more magical places and moments for us the next time!

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