Spain – walking through Nerja and Málaga

Costa del Sol, a.k.a. the Coast of the Sun is proud to brag with its 325 sunny days in the year! We visited it in one of those (what are the chances, right?). Only about 2 and a half hours away, towards the Sierra Nevada, you can ski (lucky us, on the 17th January 2014 in Bulgaria is hard to do that). Let’s get back to the warm weather. By the end of October, it must be really nice to be able to swim in the sea.

We only touched the water with our toes, though. After that, we decided to walk to the nearby town of Nerja (means “rich with water” from Arabic) and the close-by caves. Finally, without a map or some real idea about the distances there, we tried to visit Málaga.

trip to Nerja in Spain

Nerja Cave

The cave near Nerja is famous for its murals and frescoes. They are ancient enough, so they can raise the question of how people saw the world then and how they managed to paint it.

Surprisingly, visiting this gallery in the cave is forbidden. Only those with special permissions by the government or the municipality and the lucky archeology students are allowed to get in. The rest of us have no chance of seeing these Palaeolithic creations. However, it is still interesting to visit the cave. It has these giant galleries that give you a lot of space to walk around. Also, it is really warm and you don’t even need a jacket. In the biggest hall, there are sometimes concerts and even ballet performances. We regret not knowing about this earlier, we could have organized a spectacle of our own.

cave in Nerja, Spain

The cave was found by some kids who were playing around and trying to find rats/bats (not sure what they said). The kids entered a hole and saw a skeleton. However, they remained brave and told what they have found. This is how they turned the small village of Nerja into a tourist attraction. After that, they told us how much prizes and honors these children got. We even started thinking about trying to find caves ourselves. However, we could probably never get so much honor as they did, even if we found a cave. We were told that one of the kids is still working in the cave as a guide. It would have been great to hear the story from him.

travelers in Nerja, Spain

Nerja town

Nerja is quite popular with those who like the sunny southern Spanish coast.

The balcony of Europe is a lively place that gives you the best views. Its name is not a coincidence. It was called the “balcony” by a king because it looks to the not-so-distant continent of Africa.

Nerja told us goodbye with the sound of playing guitars and a couple of pubs, trying to get better after the tough night. We left the town of blueish streets with the wind in our backs.

traveling to the harbor city of Nerja in Spain


Málaga is a bigger city. However, it somehow manages to have both romantic harbors and palm trees, and some old-fashioned buildings.

You can see a fortress or two at the top of the hill, as well as bullring (corridas not forbidden at that point of time) and fabulous gardens. Stairs – up and down. Our tiredness goes away in front of the long fortress walls and the colorful bushes, that look like candies.

With some Málaga wine, which is a really sweet dessert red wine, it is great to have the tapas of the day. Be careful not to have too much, though. Too much sweat can give you a headache… or make you lose your photos… If you have crossed any line you might even stay at the harbor and the ship will sail away without you. True story! However, Málaga is not the worst place in the world for someone to be left behind.

traveling to Malaga in Spain

Nerja and Málaga were stops in our Mediterranean cruise. Among the other destinations were: sunny Morocco, party Barcelona, proudly Genoa and rainy Lisbon.

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