Morocco: Rabat and Casablanca in a day

I doubt the first thing you associate Morocco with is people exercising in the early morning. Alright, to be honest, the first things to really make an impression on us were the warm smell, the sea and the traffic jams that overwhelmed our senses as we were leaving the port and then Casablanca on our way to the capital – Rabat. We’ll visit both Rabat and Casablanca in a day.

a surprising trip to Rabat, Casablanka, Morocco

From Casablanca port to Rabat

This is the highway we drove on and the field beside it, in which a group of women is doing their morning exercises. Then, joggers on a path. Then, there was a park in which people were doing tai-chi. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture them in high quality, but we’ve retained the memory. Welcome to Morocco!

We had a short bathroom break before speeding off again towards Rabat – the heat was growing ever more intense.

King’s Palace, Rabat

The sun peeked shyly out from behind a quilt of clouds in Rabat and invited us to start our vacation with a visit to the King’s Palace. A real palace, folks – not just a tourist attraction – which can sadly only be admired from the outside. It’s surrounded by a huge park that houses plenty of fountains, its own mosque, and additional housing for the staff.

Morocco - Rabat and Casablanca in a day

There’s no getting past this tight security, so our guide used postcards from the seller nearby to show us the interior. This little marketing trick paid off – we bought all the postcards available. 🙂

Morocco - Rabat and Casablanca in a day

Mohammed V Mausoleum

Content with our purchase, we returned to the bus and continued on to the mausoleum of Mohammed V, a beautiful white building with guards that have turned into a tourist attraction themselves. Thankfully, we were allowed to see what hides behind the white marble walls.

Morocco - Rabat and Casablanca in a day

The Hassan Tower

The Hassan Tower is located on the same grounds. It is an unfinished building from the 12th century, consisting of an unfinished minaret and about 300 partly preserved columns that survived the earthquakes in the past. Such a pleasant surprise, thank you, Morocco!

Morocco - Rabat and Casablanca in a day

Kasbah of the Udayas

Our last destination in Rabat was the Kasbah of the Udayas, a fortress from the Middle Ages. This place is defined by its narrow alleyways, red outer walls and blue internal walls, palms, an… “interesting” scent and heat. All that reminds us a bit of the Greek islands.

From Rabat to Casablanca

We’re off to Casablanca, here is a photo of our departure from Rabat.

Morocco - Rabat and Casablanca in a day

The streets of Casablanca

And here we are in Casablanca. You can’t really miss the large amounts of Mercedes cars. The bazaar offers a plethora of typical regional products, but we left them to the photographer to enjoy. It didn’t take us long, as we walked on our own through the streets, to realize that you have to keep an eye out and plan your independent visit to Morocco meticulously.

Mahkama du Pacha

We walked on broad boulevards in an attempt to find the Mahkama du Pacha, the pasha’s palace. We didn’t really dig into the history that much – you can find everything on the internet anyway. 🙂

Morocco - Rabat and Casablanca in a day

We also wanted to look around the older part of town, the medina quarter, but we were told our safety can’t be granted there so we had to pass. As proof that everyone was accepted here regardless of religious belief, the tour went on to the gargantuan Catholic church Notre Dame de Lourdes.

The Mosque of Mohammed V

We were then given a short lunch break as an opportunity to enjoy a local meal. Paradoxically, we celebrated Moroccan cuisine in the Sheraton Hotel.

The moment of truth really came, though, when we visited the mosque of Mohammed V, the pride of the city. It was financed through public donations. Up to 25 000 people can gather inside for prayer along with the 80 000 in the courtyard.

There are requisites for prayer – you must be clean, both in spirit and body. The designated area for cleaning before prayer is impressive as well. Like everywhere else in this mosque, there were separate areas for men and women. Outside of the mosque and its courtyard, you can admire the view of the great Atlantic Ocean.

Morocco - Rabat and Casablanca in a day

Shopping in Casablanca

We simply had to also stop at a shop for traditional Moroccan medicine and cosmetics. It was a bit overwhelming for tourists so we couldn’t really invest in souvenirs, but the Americans in our group seemed deeply impressed and were willing to spend hundreds of dollars. Looks like Moroccans know how to do business.

On our way back to the ship we dropped by the famous Rick’s Cafe, opened to imitate scenes from the film Casablanca, an American romantic comedy from 1942.

We had experienced plenty of emotions and things, a mixture of cultures, beauty, and filth, scents both pleasant and unpleasant. It was time to retire to the ship and enjoy the cultural program.

So, that was our exploration of Rabat and Casablanca in a day. We HAVE TO come back to Morocco to explore more of this fascinating country!

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