Morocco: Rabat and Casablanca in a day

I doubt the first thing you associate Morocco with is people exercising in the early morning. Alright, to be honest, the first things to really make an impression on us were the warm smell, the sea and the traffic jams … Read More

Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Poesia – itinerary and video

There is something so magical, mystique and lovely about cruising the seas and discovering new lands! Here we’ll share some moments from our Mediterranean cruise stopping at Genua, Malaga, Lisbon, Casablanca, and Barcelona. Having only the experience of cruising the Aegean … Read More

The best places to visit according to your travel type

This post is being put together for quite some time. We wanted to present the best holiday destinations for each travel type we may fall into according to our current state of mind, experiences so far and positions of stars … Read More