Things to do in Dali, China

A little shudder, then nothing. A second one, stronger – then nothing again. Yes, it is indeed spring, but this is not an earthquake. This is the sleeping car of the train from Kunming to Dali and its very smooth … Read More

Exploring the magical Shangri-La in China

The Chinese Shangri-La is actually called Zhongdian and is a cool city in the mountains, where, even as summer stands at the doorstep, they sell wool pants.

Our two-week China tour itinerary and how to plan a trip to China

After living in Beijing for a month, I knew our adventure in China would be no easy deal. We had two weeks to explore the country, and we wanted to see as much as possible in just 14 days. And … Read More

Follow the locals experiences from travelers all over the world

Following the locals has turned into our travel style. We realized this is how our travels become more authentic, more real and more entertaining. So whenever we have the chance, we try to follow locals in their everyday lifestyle or … Read More

The best places to visit according to your travel type

This post is being put together for quite some time. We wanted to present the best holiday destinations for each travel type we may fall into according to our current state of mind, experiences so far and positions of stars … Read More

How to enjoy China – impressions from my life in China

China will remain a place shrouded in illusions, stereotypes, and smog for me. The stereotypes about a country of such size and great population must contain a grain of truth, even if it’s true only about a small sample of … Read More

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