Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Poesia – itinerary and video

There is something so magical, mystique and lovely about cruising the seas and discovering new lands! Here we’ll share some moments from our Mediterranean cruise stopping at Genua, Malaga, Lisbon, Casablanca, and Barcelona.

Having only the experience of cruising the Aegean Sea and its islands before, we knew we wanted more of that feeling! So we hopped on a cruise ship to discover some known and unknown places of  Mediterranian Europe and Northern Africa.    

itinerary from our cruise trip on MSC Poesia
Ready to start the adventure!

Our trip through the Western part of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean gave us a lot of memories and emotions for a short period of time. That’s one of the advantages of that type of transportation and experience.

MSC Poesia was both our home and vehicle, which led us to new destinations to explore and new emotions to experience.      

The itinerary

Our journey started in Italy, the port city of Genoa. Just a day after that we anchored at the port of Malaga, Spain. We then went to Portugal, to enjoy Lisbon. A day later we arrived in Africa – in fabulous Morocco, to explore Rabat and Casablanca. After that, we had one more day, that we entirely spend in the sea. Then we headed back to Europe. This time we visited Barcelona. And then we went right back from where we started – Genoa. The cruise took place at the end of October.  

itinerary from our cruise trip on MSC Poesia
Our cruise itinerary


We got instantly charmed by the steep and narrow streets of the city, all the amazing architecture, the music everywhere. It is true it could be a bit scary after dark but if you don’t choose the darker streets, Genoa and its port will charm you too! Next time in the region, we want to visit Portofino.

Nerja and Malaga

Costa del Sol welcomed us with the amazing nature – a cave with plenty of secrets, coastline inviting you for a swim at all times, and friendly locals. Malaga welcomed us with its deliciously sweet wine experience, which may have or may not have resulted in a small injury later. But we’re strong soldiers, pardon, travelers.

Lisbon and Sintra

We must have been really lucky to experience Portugal for the first time with so much rain. It was raining on and off during our drive along the Atlantic coastline, and all the fascinating buildings in Sintra were in clouds. By the time we reached Lisbon, it was pouring so we ran, danced and hid from the rain at the same time! We definitely need to go and explore more of Portugal’s capital, there are so many things to do in Lisbon.

Cruise MSC Poesie Mediterranean Sea with the caption
With the captain after the gala dinner. Does he look like a certain celebrity?

Rabat and Casablanca

Our first visit to Northern Africa started in the capital Rabat which we need to definitely spend more time in. We love the little streets where bright colors mingle with hectic everyday life. Casablanca had its a bit fancier vibe, but who can say no to an open-air market and some tea?


Our lovely Barcelona was sunny and warm, as usual. We didn’t have much to so we tried to do something we hadn’t done before in the city. It was tons of people, tons of suns and noise everywhere. So our wisest decision was to sit down and watch people passing by while normalizing our body temperature with a beer.

Barcelona is also a port of call on the western Mediterranean cruise itinerary of MSC.


The things you can do onboard a cruise ship are almost unlimited. From working out to lying at the pool, from reading a book to collecting suntan, from enjoying views with cocktails to enjoying live music with a glass of wine. We restrained ourselves from shopping, but did hit the casino and even won some money which we invested in a nice bottle of wine. One thing is for sure – you can’t get bored on the cruise ship.

And finally, here we share some video moments from our cruise trip. Aboard and on land. Enjoy!

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