Barcelona – we are back

A few-hour-stay was our second try to have a great time in Barcelona.

On our first visit, we had such a great time so when we heard that we are coming here again as a part of our cruise, we were really happy.

second trip to Barcelona in Spain with a cruise ship

What is it like to be in Barcelona at the end of October?

Heat. Beach. You get your feet wet and you are jealously watching the people that are just lying on the beach without umbrellas or are doing Tai Chi while watching the waves.
Is such a warm day a coincidence or is it typical?

second trip to Barcelona in Spain with a cruise ship

Getting on a bus usually helps you with the lack of time to walk around. In our case, it also helped with the lack of ability. There is one slight problem though – you might have to wait. On some stops, there is a real fight to get on the tourist bus since both floors of the bus (open and closed) are full. Using strategy and tactics we managed to get to the open floor and see the famous Barri Gotic and the not-so-famous Olympic Village, which is now a really expensive living neighborhood.

Las Ramblas

We walked along Las Ramblas together with many other people, who were doing the exact same thing.

We had foolishly thought that we had seen this city at its busiest. Not at all! The crowd on the main street is taking you with it and we were lucky enough that they were going in the same direction. Even the price of the beer didn’t stop us from having fun. We took this good mood with us on board of the ship. There, for the first time, we felt funnier than the animators.

second trip to Barcelona in Spain with a cruise ship

Yes, sometimes when you do ask for a “cerveza grande”, they do bring you a one-liter beer. Salud! 🍻

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