Dupnitsa – the town of unanswered questions

We have visited Dupnitsa many times. We always considered it a small, really clean place (it is known as the town of pharmacy, after all, I guess the cleanness is by default) and that’s all there is to know about it.

The town’s main street is really nice for long walks, especially when it’s warmer. The main square has “lively” fountains with many kids playing around. Meanwhile, the adults are visiting the nearby shops and cafes. Doesn’t sound bad at all, right? But is this all you can find in this town? We never thought that there is something more there, something that you just have to see or something that will touch your soul. Recently we discovered just how wrong we were.

Dupnitsa's town center in Bulgaria
Dupnitsa's town center in Bulgaria

Apparently, there are many prehistoric villages as well as remains from later historic era. Who would know?

One of these ancient places is called “Kulata” (literally means The Tower). And it is exactly that – a tower, which you can see from a distance. It is on a hilltop near the town. It even gave the name of that hill, too. Supposedly, that was just a lookout tower. How do we know if that is true, though? Excavation there has been abandoned for a long time. Now nature is once more taking over this place. I wonder if we are ever going to find out its secrets.

There are things to see inside the town, too… if you are lucky.

Since Dupnitsa is not yet a very popular tourist destination, the museums and galleries have weird opening hours. One of the impressive sights in the town is the mosque. It is supposed to be the only surviving mosque in the town out of 13. There are even more mysteries around it. Some say that it is built over a church. We couldn’t get inside the mosque, so if you have visited it, please tell us what it is like from the inside. We promise we will try to get in again next time we are in Dupnitsa.

only surviving mosque in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
only surviving mosque in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

Once there was also a synagogue in the town. Many Jewish people have once lived in Dupnitsa However, many of them leave the town and the country after the Liberation of Bulgaria. I wonder if they lived in peace with the local people. What if Dupnitsa was actually a multicultural town where different people lived in peace and love together? We can only envy that.

monument in memory of Jewish people in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

The town’s clock tower was once a defensive tower. Or at least that’s what locals say… Now their clock is running a bit late, but maybe they did that on purpose. Maybe this is their way of trying to go back in the town’s glorious years.

clock tower in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

Back to the present day, Dupnitsa has another landmark, that is still not famous enough. This is Elen’s Restaurant.

This is not actually the name of the restaurant. It doesn’t have any. However, Elen – owner and chef of the restaurant, is such an inspiring person, that this place will always remain his restaurant in our memory. You can find this magical place near the center of the town. Everything in this restaurant is Italian – even the bear and Coca-Cola! Elen is a perfectionist and he himself orders all of the ingredients straight from Italy. Then he cooks them in front of his customers’ eyes. He only makes Italian meals…of course. What did Dupnitsa do to get such an amazing citizen? This will remain one of the mysteries. He is one of the best surprises we encountered in the town!

Elen's restaurant in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
Elen's restaurant in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

This trip was possible thanks to the hospitality of hotel Rila in Dupnitsa. This is a place with friendly staff, comfortable rooms, and modern spa.

We managed to travel to, from and around Dupnitsa thanks to our friends from VAL & KAR Rent A Car Bulgaria.

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