The ultimate guide to one (yet) unspoiled winter resort – Babin Zub, Serbia

An advanced snowboarder and a beginner skier – our winter sports team are quite diverse (having in mind we are talking about two people and ice-skating is something we can do in our hometown – Sofia). As we get more and more experienced and thrilled about winter adventures, all the Bulgarian ski resorts we usually go to start to get… insufficient for us.  So we explore our beautiful neighbor country Serbia and the nearby resort named Babin Zub (literally means “Grandma’s tooth”).

We want to share some of the amazing views you will be able to absorb there, even if you are out just for a walk or a hike. With each consecutive year we visit the resort, we started noticing some trends. And also gained some experience and insight we want to share about this not-so-popular-at-the-moment resort. Therefore we present you with a list of all the practical stuff you need to know before you visit the place and some amazing photos to inspire you to go there.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
The sun is softly touching your skin!
Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Babin zub could be teeth-chattering!
Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Who could resist winter sunset like this one?

How to get to Babin Zub?

Here is a Google Maps link to the exact location of the only kafana at the Jabučko ravnište gondola station. Right next to it you will find the parking lot where you will most probably park your car or be dropped off. Weather and infrastructure permitting, there is another way to approach the red and black tracks and this is the Konjarnik station. There is just a parking lot there, you can use it for free.

Self-driving is the best way to get to Babin Zub. The last 30km in the mountain, if you’re coming from the town of Pirot, it could get quite bumpy and roads might not be in perfect condition. Make sure your vehicle has proper winter tires and you are well equipped for the cold weather.

So road infrastructure may not be the best, but parking nearby the two possible lift stations is free and usually not overcrowded.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
The end of 4 slopes – going for the kafana now!
Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Bad weather, in general, could be good weather for ski, snowboard, and photography!


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The 4-star spa hotel Stara Planina is situated 100 meters from the gondola station. Positive aspects of staying at the hotel (which comes with a hefty price) include the proximity to the slopes (literally a 3-minute walk away), the ski and snowboard wardrobe, and the three meals per day (including free wine and beer), the spa center.

The nearby village of Crni Vrh is less than 10km away from the resort. It offers villas, guest houses, chalets, cabins, and hotels.

There is a wide choice in terms of price, value, and extras. Unlike some years ago when we had to call some numbers and arrange stays in Babin Zub over the phone, now pretty much every accommodation in the area is on so booking your stain in Babin Zub is easy and hustle-free.

Further away, there are other villages that will require more than a 30-minute drive to the slopes.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Watching the winter sunset by the pool
Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Our fancy chalet can take up to 8 people. Wow!

Food and drinks

Since you are in Serbia – you have good chances for proper fuel. And how can you slide if you are not fueled properly? We’re speaking of body fuel, yes.

You can always cook at your guesthouse/villa/chalet, or you may even have a friendly host start the BBQ for you. Our first host in Crni Vrh got us the essentials – rakia, homemade sir (cheese),  flat sausage, and bread.

The village itself offers few local restaurants – kafanas where you can eat and drink at a reasonable price.

The only slope-kafana is right at the lower gondola station and can always treat you with soup, tea, or pleskavitsa.

It is important to note that a beer costs as much as hot chocolate, so don’t hesitate! 😃 🍺

The hotel offers a lobby bar serving more sophisticated and delicious options for a not-so-bad price, in case you want to treat yourself.

The nearest grocery store we found was 30km away – in Kalna village.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Another way you can have fun with/in/over snow – snow angels!

Skiing in Babin Zub – prices and infrastructure

Find out prices and current info here and check the current snow cover and the overall winter mood on Stara Planina’s web camera page.

Ski pass price tends to go up, but it’s still half the price of the Bulgarian big resorts.

In 2016, we spend about 26 euros on a 3-day pass, whereas in 2017 we spent 50 euros on a 4-day pass.

There are five lifts in total, serving tracks with levels of difficulty from blue to black. Blue tracks are great for beginners while the black slope is for adventurous masters of ski and snowboarding. Check out the map below.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Safety nets everywhere

Call to action: Visit Babin Zub before it transforms into another expensive crowded winter resort! It may not have a great variety of slopes, but there aren’t many people as well. It is a comparatively newly built resort so its infrastructure looks good and works fine. Be ready to have tons of fun and good views sliding the slopes of Babin Zub!

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub
Babin Zub resort in Stara planina, Serbia – the perfect destination for ski, snowboard, hiking and relax!
Babin Zub, Serbia Pinterest
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If you’ve reached this place, that means you’re probably interested in winter, winter sports, and snow. Move on to these articles, so you can stay cold! 

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13 Responses

  1. I always love hearing about great places for winter sports in Europe. This definitely seems like a budget-friendly option and the fact that it’s not very crowded is ideal for beginners. When I learned to ski it made me nervous when the slopes were too busy with people zooming past me.

    • Tjank you! It was and is pretty much the same with me. I feel like I can improve only if I have the slope space for that!And ski and snowboard are supposed to be fun so we’ll keep on exploring hidden winter resort jewels like that!

  2. Hendrik

    This seems to be some kind of perfect winter holidays. You have skiing, wellness & spa, a cozy cottage and beautiful winter weather. Only the nearest grocery store 30 km away might be a little problematic or at least it demands perfect planning 😉

    • Hi Hendrik, you said it – it’s near perfect. And for those who are good planners and don’t want to do shopping, they can eat out – it could be quite affordable over there!

  3. Your photos are stunning! We have an ice storm happening in Iowa in the U.S. today and I wish I could say that it’s as pretty as this, but it’s not. This looks like one of those resorts that once you visit, you will return again and again.

    • Hey Sara! I hope the ice storm will go away and not leave any damage! I guess too much winter and too much ice is not good for anyone, right?

  4. Translating Traveler

    Hahaha, when I saw the prices for the ski passes, I almost fell off my chair! In Switzerland, we pay 50 euro for a half-day pass! X-D This looks like a gorgeous ski resort and I might just give it a try next winter…

    • And you should 🙂 I hope it will keep its unspoiled magic some years more.

  5. Tara

    What a frigid landscape! This place is nothing like the ski resorts we have in the states. Looks like a lot of fun!

    • We need to try some of the ski resorts in USA, but I suppose there is a big difference as you say Tara. any recommendations?

  6. EG III

    It looks beautiful but cold!! I grew up in a place where the tallest hill was a sand dune…so winter sports were never really my thing, but I can appreciate those that get out and tackle the slopes!

    • Well, san dunes are good for sandboarding too! It could be quite challenging especially with no lift to take you up the dune but it’s fun! We tried it in Chile and New Zealand and ate lots of sand!:)

  7. Here are some of the accommodations we managed to get contacts for. We’ve stayed in Vila Gogin and StaroplaninSki apartmani.
    , so looking forward to your feedback or other accommodation options. Thanks!

    Vila Gogin

    Cvetkovic Vile Biljana +381 6666 550 200 | +359 889 203 700

    Хаjдук Велько (+381)019 738 561 | (+381) 063 1067 167

    StaroplaninSki apartmani (+381) 065 235 2305 | (+381) 019 76 60 66 |

    Golema reka (+381) 063 889 22 59

    Sunce (+381) 069 250 258 0 |

    Vila Ika (+381)065 410 39 67 | (+381)019 420 939 | (+381) 063 80 53 736

    Unknown name (+381) 063 415 888