Apollonia Festival of Arts and Sozopol

We all know that the combination of favorite things and the opportunity to do different things we love at the same time bring us the greatest pleasure. Combining a few passions is a rare occurrence because it requires too many conditions to be fulfilled at the same time.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Sunset

That’s why we did not hesitate at all when we were presented the opportunity to make a few favorite things at the same time – namely to travel, to tell stories, to show, to enjoy musical, theatrical and cinema arts. We didn’t forget to complement this with a little of our favorite chill on the beach.

Let’s move on to the implementation of the above plan, which does not seem to be quite trivial. So many favorite things, and is it possible to happen at the same time? Where, how, when?

Apollonia Festival of Arts

Before visiting the Apollonia festival, we knew very little about it. We had heard that various performances were organized in the Old Town of Sozopol. We imagined that Amphitheater in Sozopol hosted performances, concerts, and shows every night.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival of Arts

Apollonia Festival of Arts turned out to be something much bigger than that. The scale of the festival is much more serious. Besides the open Apollonia amphitheater, events were also held at Apollonia Club, the Community Center, the Art Gallery and the Archaeological Museum. The streets of the Old Town carried the spirit of Apollonia, Sozopol was totally transformed into a utopia where everything was about arts.

We wondered what events we would hit in the days we attended the festival in Sozopol. It turned out that there was something for everyone. No matter how many arts you love, Apollonia will not be boring for you – the program is as varied as possible. You will find your favorite art, and you will have the chance to try something new as well.

Still passing through the streets of the Old Town, you will also go on a literary wave. Several bookshops of different publishers are waiting for you. And in the Art Gallery, you can hit an artistic presentation of a new book or a new exhibition. We dream how good it will be to get invited someday us and introduce some of our new books!

The program this year

We find many of the arts familiar to us. For example, we touched our well-known theatrical art, but in a different environment. We had not been to the theater for a long time – last season we only managed to go twice. However, to see amazing actors of one of the best Bulgarian theatrical companies on the humid stage of Sozopol. This has prompted us to seriously consider the autumn program.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts

Another very well-known art (singing) and a favorite performer delighted us at Apollonia. It’s Lili Ivanova! Whatever we say about her, won’t be enough. Her voice echoed across the amphitheater, and dozens of people peeked behind the fences to see what was happening. The band and Lili did another great concert! And we are happy with our luck because it is not so easy to go anywhere and just hit Lili Ivanova’s concert. And we have even traveled abroad to attend Lili’s concerts.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts

We said Apollonia was time to try new things. We had watched foreign short movies a long time ago in the cinema. But we did not expect that “КИНОLove – the hunt for short films” will surprise us so pleasantly. Bulgaria’s short films are gaining momentum and we are heading to the NoBlink Media website to watch the brightest Bulgarian short films. And yes, it is quite possible to cry after a 20-minute film, as well as to be genuinely interested in a place after a documentary.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts

As we’re talking about new experiences, for the first time we’ve been listening to the harp live. The concert was performed by the talented Suzana Klincharova. And we did not feel the time passing because the sounds of the harp had taken us to another time and place. We got somewhere on the Iberian Peninsula. And I still have somewhere in my goals to learn to play the harp, though it seems too complicated and skillful.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts

And while we’re on a “live: subject – I get goosebumps while writing this – the most beautiful jazz concert we’ve ever heard – The Rag Waltz Time! We moved from classical jazz to ethnic Bulgarian rhythms, from new readings of old folk songs to classics in jazz art. It was amazing, and I’m sure at one point the audience was crying with excitement! We thank Alexander Vladigerov, Konstantin Vladigerov, Dimitar Karamitev, Dimitar Karamfilov and Stoyan Yankulov – not every day you can meet and hear musicians from this class, playing together!

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts

Looks like next year we’ll stay for all 11 days of the festival! Now you can enjoy the special video we’ve prepared to show you a little bit of the mood and emotions around and inside us.


The Old Town of Sozopol is so picturesque and interesting that it is worth the cobblestones uphill and downhill. Remember, you never know how much you will get lost (i.e. how beautiful old buildings you will see) and how long you will stay there.

The coastal street provides views of lonely old fishing boats, red sunsets in the distance and the mystical naval base. So many photogenic beauties do not forget the camera.

The fortress walls of Sozopol are one of the most romantic places in Bulgaria. Whether you go during the day and enjoy the sun and the blue sea from above, or walk in the dark under the Ancient Gate with a loved one, you can’t go wrong.

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts
Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts
Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts

On the beach

Our favorite beach in the area of Sozopol is called Gradina (means garden in Bulgaria). The sea is nice, the wind is gentle. Camping lovers know this beach very well. Recently it is a trendy place for all beach lovers and party people (who love to party from noon to morning).

Bulgaria, Sozopol, Apollonia Festival Of Arts

And so, this weekend was a huge deal! Or in the style and emotion of this article – we have witnessed the Apollonia Festival of Arts 2017! And we have the feeling that the combination of Apollonia and Sozopol will continue to happen with all its glamour for many years to come!

Apollonia Festival of Arts Sozopol Bulgaria
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The Apollonia Art Foundation kindly invited us to cover the festival and show its magic to you. As always, all thoughts, observations, emotions, and touching experiences are ours and unaffected by external factors. We share with you cool experiences that we know you would like!

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