8 ideas for romantic weekend places in Bulgaria

Romance sustains us in the cold frosty days of winter and draws us to the colorful warm days of summer. Romance is an integral part of traveling with a loved one, and the more we try, the more enjoyable experiences we will have. We decided to contribute to romantic consumerism and share ideas for places for a romantic weekend in Bulgaria. Our suggestions come from some of our favorite accommodations, where the atmosphere is simply soaked with romance and sprinkled with lots of love.

Еко селище Омая

Guest House Ongal, Karpachevo

We stayed in Ongal Guest House quite recently, on a very foggy December weekend. Which correctly directed us to more time by the fireplace! The Ongal complex consists of few houses, and we were in Ongal East, which used to be the village school. The former ‘Classroom’ has a French fireplace, a huge bed, and enough room to waltz. The delicious dishes they brought to our room and the view of the garden, where horse riders often roam, contributed to the romance.

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For prices and reservations: Guest House Ongal.

Къща за гости Онгъл, Крушунски водопади

Apostolite Hotel, Sandanski

We drive up the road from Sandanski to the Popina Laka area. After one of the many turns, the building of the family hotel appears, which will definitely impress you. And the interior is even more impressive – the rooms are decorated in a stylish and minimalist way. But the real romance comes when you go out on the terrace, which is right above the river. The noise of the water and the views of the woods and the mountains have such a relaxing effect. What better place to drink your coffee or better – wine?

We stayed at Apostolite hotel in the grayest period of the year possible, but the real beauty can be appreciated any time. In the restaurant, we enjoyed the fireplace and delicious dishes, and to compensate for the feast – you can always have a walk or a hike, or even bike in the area.

For prices and reservations: Apostolite hotel.

Хотел Апостолите, Сандански, България
The view from our balcony

Casa Art Hotel, Oreshak

After our stays in Casa Art, we can say that our life has definitely become more colorful. The hotel itself has a gallery and an interior studio and in addition to the themed rooms and the impressive interiors of the hotel, the beautiful products (some of which you can buy) also make a great impression. In our first edition of The Journey Box, there was a beautiful hand-painted bowl from there.

About the romance – we will only share that we have already been to two weddings in Casa Art. People about to get married are the best to choose the places to celebrate love!

For prices and reservations: Casa Art Hotel.

Хотел Каза Арт, Орешак

Omaya Eco Village, Gaitaninovo

If you are looking for immersion in nature, romance and isolation – we strongly recommend the Omaya eco-village. Our first trip after the lockdown in 2020 started with the Snail House in Omaya and it was difficult for us to leave. There are enough woods and lakes around for walks and hikes, they cook with fresh local products only, and in the house, you feel as if you are alone – no one and nothing can bother you!

Each of the houses has a different design, and all are made of eco-friendly materials and are somehow in tune with the environment. When you walk away from the reception, you forget about Internet connectivity, and what could be more helpful for romance than the lack of digital intoxication?

For prices and reservations: Omaya Eco Village. Here’s more about our stay in Omaya village.

Еко селище Омая

The Clay House, Leshten

The village of Leshten is gifted with bizarre old-time houses, narrow cobblestone streets leading to unique views, and such old-fashioned tranquility. The Clay House welcomed us true to itself – made entirely of clay, inside and out. Well, here and there there is a window, a piece of wood, and straw on the roof.

The Clay House is located high in the village, and from its terrace and garden, you can watch the terraced stone houses. The atmosphere of the house and of Leshten as a whole is magical, and the biggest magic happens in the evening when hundreds of stars appear in the sky. From the ground, the small gleaming windows of Leshten blink back.

For prices and reservations: The Clay House in Leshten. In a separate article, we described our experiences in the Clay House.

Глинената къща в село Лещен

Igloo in the woods, Pamporovo

There is nothing more secluded than spending the night in an igloo. And while this is entirely possible in a self-built one, we offer an alternative with a little more space and without having to assemble pieces of ice. Igloo in the woods is evolving with each year passing and now you can find it well heated, spacious, and equipped with a private bathroom.

The igloo in Pamporovo is very close to the slopes, so we can add a bit of winter (and not only) sports to the romance. Next door is another igloo designed as a sitting area to enjoy tea/wine, toast in the sun, and even take your laptop and do some work. But we know that romance comes under the dome of the igloo when we leave the cold winds and snow boots outside.

For prices and reservations: Igloo in the woods. Here’s our article about experiential accommodation in Pamporovo.

Igloo stay in Pamporovo. Bulgaria

Chateau Copsa, Moskovets

We are sure that Chateau Copsa has raised the bar for wine accommodation and experience in such a way that even in France they will have to work hard to impress us. From the top of the hill, you watch the surrounding vineyards while tasting excellent wines. And we know that wine and romance go hand in hand.

The rooms in the Maisonette have a designer interior, and those in the chateau – a combination of wood, stone, and brick – a mix between something aristocratic and something more innovative. Our favorite place there is the panoramic terrace, and now there is a spa center for extra pampering.

For prices and reservations: Chateau Copsa. And here we share many more ideas about wine tourism in Bulgaria.

Chateau Copsa Bulgarian winery

Diplomat Plaza, Lukovit

We spontaneously decided to celebrate one of Bistra’s birthdays at Diplomat Plaza. We booked the room called “Mirror World” – luxury and super luxury rooms in the hotel are themed and they take you to fairytale worlds. In addition to the colorful and mirrored interior and wine tastings in the room, we managed to catch a glimpse of some of the other rooms – “Cairo”, “Catherine the Great”, and “Hong Kong”. As they say, to travel around the world and in time, you do not need to leave Lukovit.

We really liked the food and the atmosphere of the winery and the restaurant at the hotel, but in fact, we spent most of the time in the spa – mainly in the jacuzzi and the steam bath. A great place for romance in general!

For prices and reservations: Diplomat Plaza. And if you are looking for ideas for spa places – check out our favorite spa hotels in Bulgaria and those near Sofia. And there are so many reasons why we should go to a spa in Bulgaria.

Drinking wine in Diplomat Plaza, Lukovit

These were our ideas for hotels and guest houses for a romantic weekend in Bulgaria. As we know, romance depends mostly on the person next to you, but what could be better than helping it a little? We are also looking forward to your ideas for great romantic places!

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Romantic weekend places in Bulgaria
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