The Clay House in Leshten Village

Friends gave us the experience of stay in the Clay House in the village of Leshten and in the middle of summer, we finally decided to visit the village and the house, about which everyone is so excited. We had seen pictures of the terraced old houses and something always attracted us to go and feel this atmosphere.

It became even more interesting after we read this more than a hundred-year-old quote by Ilarion Nevrokopski about the village of Leshten: “The village of Leshten … The location of the created place is old. It is surrounded by trees, oak, pears, apples, etc. There is no good water, only from the fountains. Only one fountain feeds the whole village. They have vineyards. They make good fruit. The villagers regularly participate in the school and church community. The church is a nice building. The whole village has 88 houses. “

Глинената къща в село Лещен

Accommodation in The Clay House in Leshten village

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From the center of the village, we quickly found out that we would have to leave the car somewhere downhill and walk up the cobbled and narrow streets to The Clay House. Even with luggage, the walk through the old streets with the scents of trees and flowers and the ringing of the old church bell was magical!

The house itself has a fence and its own yard with grass, as well as a spacious terrace to the valley. It is made mainly of clay, and the roof is thatched, of course, there is a wooden door, windows, and even some modern amenities (such as TV and the Internet). The house is so beautiful that it has become an attraction in the village, sometimes tourists come to take pictures with it. The yard fence can be locked, but for maximum peace of mind, we suggest you avoid the weekend. Anyway, we stayed there on Friday night and had no visitors.

After a massive photo shoot outside the house – in the garden, from all sides, on the terrace, with the views, etc., we headed inside – the interior has very small details that can hold your attention for a long time. The bed is spacious (the house is for two), there is a table where you will be served breakfast (if you request in advance), and the toilet and bathroom are luxurious. A fine layer of clay powder completes the atmosphere.

Here is the moment to recall the above quote about Leshten and the lack of “good” water. In August, there was definitely a problem with the water getting to the top (the clay house is high on the hill), there was no pressure in the shower and clay-colored water ran from the tap. We decided to skip showering (we still wanted to experience the Stone Age) and opted for alternative ways of sanitation.

Otherwise, we have no remarks on the house and the atmosphere, we would be happy to come back again. It is no coincidence that we added it to the most unusual places we stayed in.

The atmosphere of the village of Leshten

An integral part of the whole experience in The Clay House is the atmosphere of the village of Leshten. We recommend comfortable shoes so that you can walk the streets, stop for photos here and there, count the fruit trees, enjoy the sun that passes just above the church bell tower, and feel how time stops. Leshten is one of the places where it is quite easy to find the Magic!

In the dark, the village does not stop being magical, but we recommend carrying a flashlight because not all streets are well lit. The absence of light pollution is a prerequisite for stargazing. When the sky is clear, you can see thousands of stars!

Eating and drinking out

When we visited the village (end of August) there was not much excitement or many people. While walking in the center, we saw a pub with the picturesque name “Pub”, it smelled fragrant, so we decided to have dinner there.

We hit the jackpot – the dishes were delicious and fresh, the view from the terrace to the valley at sunset – divine, and the white wine finished the picture of romance. Next to us, there was a whole table of Italians on a trip to Bulgaria, who constantly praised the chef – which probably means a lot!

For prices and reservations in The Clay House, Leshten

For prices and reservations for the house, see the page of The Clay House in Leshten on At the time of writing, a-la-carte breakfast is included in the price.

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