Winter in Venice islands (Venezia, Murano, Burano), Verona in a day

This post comes from ancient old times – times when we would just feel a sudden inspiration and put some words down. Later those words would become a blog post about our winter family visit to Venice islands (Venezia, Murano, Burano) and spending a day in Verona. Those times were long before SEO optimizations, clicking the perfect photos, and craving for more and more traffic…

The rain kept falling all day long. However, I started to write this late at night. Why didn’t I use my old childhood pen and notepad during the day to write something down? Let’s call it atmosphere or charm, or just some well-deserved rest.

Venice islands during winter carnival

The rain and the carnival in winter Venice

While we were drying our clothes on the radiators in grandma Franka’s place, we had to catch up with the dinner – wine and everything else that was left for food. It was our last night in Mestre after a really rainy day in Venice. A lot of the carnival events were postponed, but it didn’t matter so much.

It was a good thing that some people with great costumes and masks went out, despite the rain. They were brave enough to walk around San Marco square. Also, there were some musicians who were playing and some enthusiasts with bottles in their hands. This is how we managed to see some parts of the carnival. Over the sound of the rain, we could hear cheerful songs. However, under our wet jackets, our bodies really needed to get somewhere warm so we can dry ourselves.

We were in a hurry hoping not to get lost in Venice…again. It was hard to enjoy every street, bridge, canal, and boat when you are cold and wet. And here is a nice guide to Venice, when you have only one day to explore this magical place.

Recap of Venice

Thankfully, the weather was like this only on our last day on the Venice islands.

In the previous days, we managed to enjoy every beautiful thing Venice has to offer. We were delighted by the magic of the canal system. Every one of those has its own beauty and history. San Marco and the spirit of the carnival gave us the desire to stay there forever. We also got to know the rich history of Doges. The gondolas were carrying us swiftly on the water under the song of the gondolier.

As I already mentioned, the rain caught us off guard. But this also helped us see the city from another point of view – with its rainy coat (just like it happened in Lisbon). If you plan to go to Venice islands and want to take photos at the most Instagrammable places in Venice, consider going in a less rainy season.

Visiting Murano and Burano islands

Just one day before that the sun was trying to get through the clouds above the islands of Murano and Burano.

The sun didn’t win this fight over the colorful glass of Murano, but it did it for the colorful houses of Burano.

Both these incredible creations make people get obsessed with them…

Venice islands during winter carnival - Burano

Made in Murano

The glass was in every possible color. It took the form of everything you have ever seen, imagine, and more. It could be used for a giant chandelier or to close your bottle of wine.

Your eyes immediately catch something colorful and shining from the next window. Your desire to see what it is and if it is not cheaper than the previous gorgeous thing never disappears. You end up getting into every single shop. There you will get a little bit warmer and maybe will leave with a box that says “Made in Murano”. How weird, isn’t it?

Houses of Burano

By this time the sun is high in the sky over Burano. There you quickly walk past the shops with laces. They are all very beautiful and soft. However, if you thought that glass is too expensive, laces are way above that. Of course, you want to stimulate the hard work of the artists and you promise yourself that you will never buy cheap recreations of what you see here.

The most important thing here is that you saw that every house is in different colors. You get on the top of some bridge just so you can catch as many of those colorful delights as you can. Actually, you got up there to be closer to the sun, too. It doesn’t matter if it is a rule that your house has to be a different color than those of your neighbors or just a trick to get more attention to the place.

The houses are mostly two-floor buildings. They have shutters on their windows and laces on the windowsills and on the benches in front of them. This all makes you wonder how you still haven’t arranged to live here one day.

Thanks to Petya for the patience and willingness to capture so many colorful windows and doors.

A day in Verona

In Verona, the sun had never gone away. From the second floor of the train, the city appeared huge. Once we left the station with a map in our hands we weren’t worried at all. A couple of huge gates, a castle, and bridges over the river. This is how the this City of Love welcomed us. From the beginning of our trip there, we felt that there is much more in this city than just Julieta’s balcony.

Arena di Verona

There you can get tired going up the giant stairs. Or you can give the emperor a sign with your hand. Or you can get all the way to the top just so you can see someone writing their name in the sand.
I wish names were all they write… As usual, this place of manifestation cannot put borders on people’s artistic talents. There must have been some really creative artists there.

We also visited some famous squares. Each of them has its own unique atmosphere. One of them gives you the opportunity for a long walk while enjoying the architecture of the buildings. Another one is just a small market with a fountain. The third one has a restaurant, where you can taste donkey meat or, the more standard choice, prosciutto pizza.

In Julieta’s house

Everything so far was calm and peaceful. Where were all the Veronians and the crowds of tourists?

Thousands of people with romantic hearts were in the area. They were buying souvenirs, putting padlocks with their names or just touching Julieta’s statue in a very specific place so she can bring them luck in love.

At the workshop right next to it you could have your own cooking apron, hat, and pad sewed. Your name and title are easily embroidered beautifully on them. This place had such an amazing atmosphere that it would be really hard not to enjoy it and be happy with everyone around you. People from all over the world were showing their joy in the place of love…

Italy, Verona in a day

Why did I have to write an email to Julieta?

I wondered if she only answered to Romeos. Or am I too untrusting? All I know is that I used one of the terminals whose sole purpose was to write to Julieta. There was also a list of some of the best emails, where some people were sharing their tragic stories and were looking for a sign to keep going. Some of them were really sad.

I didn’t want to make anyone of those who answered those emails sad. That’s why I just wrote:
“Hi, Juliet,
This is a test email.
Let me know when you receive this.
Best regards,
and I left a contact email.

I never received an answer. It has been months and years already. I will wait no more!

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