Support our work with Bulgarche association

Thank you for wanting to support the initiatives we are working on together with Bulgarche Association. With your donation here you can help several of our projects aimed at children and youth.

  • Children will get a magazine/set of magazines “I am a Bulgarian” so that they can learn and have fun with a lot of history, literature, geography, games.
  • Children and youth will participate in our creative writing workshops “The Golden Pencil”, literary and artistic competitions such as “Reconstruction of Childhood” and “Draw Me a Sun”.
  • We will implement our other ideas and projects, working for better education and very happy childhood of our young friends.

Donate 5 EUR to give a set of two magazines to a child.

Donate 10 EUR to send a child to our next workshop.

Donate 25 EUR to support us in the next education initiatives and projects.

All news, events, games, as well as how you can get involved and further help our initiatives – you can find on the website of the Association for Bulgarian Family Values, Tradition and Culture “Bulgarche”. If you want to receive a certificate of donation from the association, please contact us.