Different perspectives to Haskovo

Every journey can be experienced quite differently by different people. More than that, the same person can feel in a different way in the same place. This could be due to their mood, travel company, or even the weather. We are always trying to take as much as we can from our journeys, even if not everything is happening according to plan. We are trying to stay positive and experience the joy of our travels as fully as we can.

However, the fact that there are many points of view doesn’t mean that only one of them is positive. It is actually the opposite. The more we learn and discover, the more beautiful and interesting things we will find out about every place, every person, and every experience.

We were reminded of these wise thoughts during our trip in Haskovo, Bulgaria. The person, who contributed to that the most, was our local guide there. She told us a lot of interesting stories about the city.

different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria

The Virgin Mary monument

Let’s start with the Virgin Mary monument in Haskovo, since everything in the city seems to start there.

On the one hand. This monument is famous for its height and beautiful sculpturing. It is one of the best places in the city and attracts locals as well as tourists. People go there to take photos, to have some fun, to be with their loved ones and much more. It holds a Guinness World record for the tallest statue of the Holy Mother of God with the Infant Jesus in the world.

On the other hand, we were told a very interesting story about the creation of this monument. The urban legend says that Haskovo was facing a big problem. It was pretty dangerous to pass by this hill. There were no street lights and the locals were trying to avoid it from afar. Then the wise men and women from the city gathered and instead of just solving the problem they came up with a great idea. They managed to completely transform the place with the creation of this monument. Thus not only solving a nasty problem but turning it around to their advantage. Inspiring!

monument of Virgin Mary, different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria

The bell tower

Near the Holy Mother of God Monument is the bell tower.

Around both of them there is a wonderful park, which is a great place for a picnic in a warmer weather.

Apart from that, the bell tower provides a view of the entire city and a nearby open-air cafe with some cool design. The eyes pass through the Macedonian neighborhood, where there are no Macedonians until it reaches the green trees of Kenana. Interesting!

belfry, different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Spring over Haskovo

Kenana park

In Kenana everyone can find something interesting.

Forest park, zoo, walking paths, tennis courts and football fields, villas and much more can be seen in Kenana. It is kind of like the Orange County of Haskovo. Breathing the fresh air in the area is a gift for rich and poor alike though.

different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
In the distance – the greenery of Kenana, nearby – an open-air cafe.

Local superstitions or something more?

Never do you ever go under a road sign! In Haskovo it is believed that this will bring you bad luck. Now we know and we will go around it. At least that is what our local guide told us. She was born and raised in Haskovo, so we trust her. We go around the road signs and never under.

different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Be careful not to go under the sign!

A walk in the city center

Closer to the city center of Haskovo there are a lot of monuments, fountains and clock towers.

Some of the monuments are best used by the kids. The nice story about this is that every generation of kids remembers this monument as the best slide ever. This speaks both of the continuity between the generations and decades of fun. Wonderful!

There is also a monument of Jealousy… And one of Kaunya! (In some parts of Bulgaria this means “melon”.)

There are also 2 clock towers very near each other in the perfect center of the city. One of them is actually an attempt to recreate the other one. The most important thing is that Kaunya is in the middle.

different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
The best slide ever
kaun, different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Haskovo’s kaun
Stonehenge, different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Small recreation of Stonehenge
Clock tower, different points of view and spring in Haskovo, Bulgaria
Clock tower, the original

Alexandrovo Tomb

A little bit further from the city is Alexandrovo Tomb.

There is also an interesting story about its funding from Japan. Thanks! The prince of Japan himself was there when it was opened for visits. But then again, how can you miss the grand opening of a Thracian tomb from 4000 B.C.!

Alexandrovo tomb, Haskovo, Bulgaria
Photo credit: http://www.alexandrovo.com

Actually it turned out we couldn’t see everything that we wanted in Haskovo. The amazing professionals at Tourist Information Center in Haskovo gave us so much suggestions and ideas, that we just have to visit the city again. It’s always lovely when you have hosts like those! See you soon, Haskovo!

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10 Responses

  1. I agree, everyone has their own perspectives when travelling, unique to their experience – thanks for sharing yours, I enjoyed reading about Haskovo from your point of view. It seems like an interesting city with cool monuments. Bulgaria is on my list!

    • Petya Yakimova
      | Reply

      Glad to hear this! Maybe after you have visited Bulgaria you can share your perspective. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful city that is so full of history. It was great to see the wonderful perspectives that you have found for bringing the city to light.

  3. The city is full of sight seeing places. And all of them seem so wonderful. Particularly, Haskovo’s kaun appears very unique to me. Will love to visit

    • Petya Yakimova
      | Reply

      The kaun is unique indeed. We loved it too! Isn’t it great when people decide to do something out of the box?

  4. Thank you for sharing your perspectives on this city. It looks like Haskovo has many interesting places. I particularly find interesting the visit to the ancient tomb.

    • Petya Yakimova
      | Reply

      If you have the chance you should really visit the tomb. It is an unique experience.

  5. Sophi Wanderer
    | Reply

    perspectives of traveling can differ, and I totally agree with that. each and everything in this piece is simply wonderful. I agree that Haskovo has so many beautiful places. would love to go there someday!

    • Petya Yakimova
      | Reply

      You really should visit it. It is probably best to do that in the spring or autumn. We were there in the begining of the spring and the parks looked great.

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