Greece, Greece, ah gorgeous Greece!

Greece, Greece, ah gorgeous Greece! We are starting to tune in to the vibe of islands, peninsulas, beaches, waves, Greek salad, lots of laughter and unforgettable emotions!


Ten years ago, we went to the Halkidiki peninsula for the first time and after a few days of wandering around the peninsula fingers, we were sure we would come back again. Since then, we have returned dozens of times (maybe more than a hundred), we have seen crowded beaches, hotels, cities, and completely deserted and secluded places, we have found a second home there.

  • Our favorite Halkidiki finds from summer 2021.
  • When we put together the first few exciting beaches in one article, we had no idea that the beaches of Halkidiki would arouse such overwhelming interest! Our map of Halkidiki beaches is constantly growing.
  • Our beloved and a bit wilder finger Sithonia has always occupied a lot of our attention (and many summer days). The beaches of Sithonia are world-class, so we aim to get to know them all.
  • If you want to combine exploring hard-to-reach beaches and acquiring captain skills, such opportunities will be found in Greece. Boating around Diaporos island is one such experience that we hope to do for the fourth time soon.
  • Attracting male religious worshipers from all over the world, the Mount Athos peninsula hides many beautiful sights. We focused on understanding what Mount Athos does not hide and which of its beauties are accessible to everyone!
  • And where to stay? We have collected our favorite stays in Halkidiki from the last ten years.
  • We can talk for a long time about the capital of Northern Greece because this city is always bustling and full of interesting things to do (and eat). We are going to Thessaloniki for the first or 101st time.
Снимка с дрон над плаж Портокали или Portokali (Orange) Beach на Ситония, Халкидики, Гърция

Ionian Islands

We go west to the Ionian Sea to see what wonderful sights and surprises it has prepared for us. Rich cultural heritage, influenced by different ruling nations, emerald waters and jagged shores, and that island feeling of sweetness and adventure.

  • Welcome to Corfu Island or how to enjoy castles, fortresses, beaches, forests, towns, villages, roads, flowers, hospitality – whether you spend a week or a month there (but better spend a month).
  • We strongly recommend that you try camping on Corfu. Not many, but everyone has their own incredible charm! Or check out some other amazing stays on the island.
  • Here are some ideas on lovely stays on Corfu.
  • To understand what true tranquility is, we must go to the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos because Poseidon himself created them for this purpose. He also made sure to create beautiful sandy beaches and good wine.
  • The beaches of Lefkada are so different from each other and every time we need to make a hard choice how to visit as many of them as possible. And what to do with all the hundreds of pictures.
  • More from Lefkada – or how Steffi felt her experience on the island by water and land.
Greece Corfu Dassia Beach

More from Greece

Apart from the sea, the beach, the frappe, and the sea breeze, what else can we feel and see in Greece? We are just starting to get to know other interesting places, the list is growing. Well, there is a lot more sea, beach, and breeze to explore too!

Visiting Meteora monasteries and rock formations in Greece

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