Beach finds from Halkidiki – summer 2021

What did we come across in Halkidiki, looking for beaches, places to eat and drink, and experiences in the summer of 2021? Spending most of the summer at home in Greece, we would often bet on well-known places that proved their value to us. But sometimes we wanted something new and different, to diversify our lifestyle a bit. And therefore we share our favorite beach finds of Halkidiki from the hot summer of 2021.

Boat trip from Nikiti

Captain Costas and his boat will treat you to beautiful and secluded places for swimming and snorkeling, a sumptuous lunch off the island of Kelifos, and offer incredible relaxation on board with the playing sounds of the bouzouki of famous Greek musicians. Costas is a bit hard to find on social networks, but that’s why we have his number.

Boat trip from Nikiti, Halkidiki, Greece

Blue Flag Beach Bar at the end of Metamorfosi Beach

Calm clean beach with clear water and sunbeds and umbrellas that you can use for free (even without ordering from the bar). But we highly recommend the bar, especially the ice cream, and the views and service are at a high level.

Blue Flag Beach Bar, Metamorfosi, Halkidiki, Greece

Vatopedi beach – for real solitude

After a bit of off-road driving (at points there were puddles the size of garden pools), we reach a really secluded beach, where you can park your camper or pitch a tent in real peace. Hardly anyone will come to bother you for your “free camping”.

The olive fields around Agios Mamas

Getting lost among the olive trees… Just as romantic and dusty was our search for beaches in the area. We found a huge olive farm, with watering stations, roads between sectors, and various extras. Thanks again to Google Maps for the great tour through the olive trees and we are glad that no one noticed us and beat us.

Olive trees in Halkidiki, Greece

Where the river meets the sea – Agios Mamas beach and Vatonia Rema river

Real peace, bring yourself an umbrella, a chair, whatever you need. Pleasant wind and magical views. There is a certain amount of adventure to get there, but isn’t that how you get to the best places? This beach inspires long walks with contemplation of the sea. P.S. The river is not navigable. P.S. 2: The meeting place is somewhere there.

River meets sea, Agios Mamas, Halkidiki, Greece

Archaeological Site Olynthos

Of course, the Olynthos Archaeological Site was closed when we found it and while we were in the area, but it seems too interesting to miss. It is open between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. (excluding Tuesdays), and there are remains from pre-Roman times. Interesting mosaics have been preserved, and the walk reveals many more of the ancient city.

Astra Beach Club on Nea Moudania beach

We really liked this part of the beach – clear blue-green waters, a great bar featuring double beds with thick mattresses, delicious fruit bowls, and signature cocktails. Very nice place for a comfortable Sunday beach time.

Astra Beach Club, Nea Moudania, Halkidiki, Greece

Kochyli Tavern in Nea Plagia

From Kochyli beach bar in Nea Plagia, we moved straight to the adjacent tavern, where we were impressed by the delicious dishes, the pleasant atmosphere with lots of lights, and the green garden in front. The staff was very friendly and kind.

THEA 180° View Skybar in Nea Kalikrateia

The rooftop bar of the Secret Paradise Hotel & Spa in Kalikratia is our top discovery of the season. Great views of the sunset and the town, the sea and the moon, the atmosphere is so romantic. The service is high-end, the cocktails are lovely, and the food is one of the most delicious we have found in the area. Good news – it is not too expensive.

Thea rooftop bar, Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki, Greece

Zattero Seaside Bar in Skala Fourkas

We seem to discover fewer and fewer finds on Cassandra, but the relaxed atmosphere, good music, and amazing view of the sunset in this beach bar totally got us to fall in love! On the wooden veranda, hanging over the beach and the sea is just the perfect place to meditate (and learn not to be bothered by drunk party people).

Zattero Beach bar in Skala Fourkas, Halkidiki, Greece

Mpoukadoura restaurant

A delicious find in Sithonia, Mpoukadoura restaurant enchants with a light breeze, white tablecloths, and amazing views of the azure sea. It falls into the slightly more expensive category, but everything we ate was superb, even a bit gourmet (in terms of taste, not portion size).

Lagoudera tavern at the end of the Triglia beach

While we are on a delicious wave, an almost “neighborhood” restaurant with affordable prices, delicious cuisine, and very nice waitresses! The views from the tavern are close to the divine – the sea nearby is often picturesquely rebellious, and there is only one glance away from Mount Olympus. Because it is difficult for us to remember the name of the restaurant, we often use the code name “red leggings”. To be completely honest – we have known the restaurant since the end of 2020, but we became regulars in 2021.

Lagoudera tavern view, Sozopoli beach, Greece

Cielo Beach Bar at the end of Paralia Elia

Narrow and pebbled beach strip, but the water is beautiful. There are not many people, and you get a sunbed and umbrella if you order something from the bar. The mood is of a very light party with active relaxation and the drinks are refreshing. Ideal for times when you are looking to relax, but don’t mind a few people around.

Cielo Beach bar Paralia Elia, Halkidiki, Greece

These were our favorite finds in Halkidiki from the summer of 2021. Most of them revolve around the beach, eating and drinking out, but here and there there is a little nature and history.

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