11 ways London might surprise you as a first-time visitor

Expectations are a powerful weapon. They can turn a great experience into a horrible one and the other way around. Many people had told us things about London – both good and bad things. That’s why we went there with no expectations and willingness to find out for ourselves whether we liked it or not.

However, we are people who enjoy finding positive sides. It is funny how London welcomed us in and made it extremely easy for us to find amazing and positive things about it. That’s why we returned to discover more of London zones as well.

Here is how London surprised us as first-time visitors.

Mind the gap! And the construction works…

The London tube might be a point of interest itself (and a ticket would cost the same as a museum entrance ticket!).

But if you want to be on time, always check for construction works underground. We forgot to and were late for an hour.

Waiting for the tube in London, England

The music never stops!

We accidentally ran into an orchestra competition right in the center of a big square. It was such a pleasant encounter!

Orchestras in front of the National Gallery

The weather is actually … not so bad

Three days – one of relentless wind, one of dark clouds and few drops of rain, and one of smiling sunshine – we can’t understand why everyone hates the weather in London. And those were those days around New Year’s Eve. So chill out, and don’t forget the weather is a matter of how you feel inside.

Open Hop on Hop off buses are for the adventure seekers

Winter London does not go well together with open buses or boat decks! You can thank us later! 🙂

Windy open bus London, England

A good jumpie is a matter of a good photographer

Landmarks like Big Ben will inspire you for crazy photos. Don’t bother with the results – because not only does the background make a good photo!

Ask a local for the best beer

Local bartenders will never leave you thirsty for a good beer. The proof of that is the fact that bars are full even at midday!

First beer in London, England
The famous fish'n'chips in London, England
The local fish’n’chips didn’t live up to the hype…

Ask a local for your late-night hunger

Not many options for dining after 11 p.m., but the friendly staff in the bars will come in handy again! They will give you directions to the nearest 24/7 pizza place.

Good they have Mexican in London, England
Good, they have Mexican in London!

Do it yourself: New Year’s Eve dinner

Party is everywhere in this city! Enjoy a romantic dinner in the kitchen with whatever you find appealing in the grocery store! E.g., wine and cherry tomatoes 🙂

The new years eve dinner in London, England
This is definitely from our pre-vegetarian era! 🙂

Do it yourself: Meet the new year with crowds of strangers on the Westminster bridge

Say hello to the party crowds and the wild DJs shaking the Thames River together with its bridges!

See for yourself: the London Eye

Do you think it is worth the line?

View from London Eye in London, England

The Greenwich Meridian is a nice fresh start

…or a place where you can get frustrated by the price of the souvenirs and their lack of creativity. But when it comes to being split between the Western and Eastern hemispheres, there is no better place for that!

Confused between the Eastern and Western hemisphere in London, England
Confused between the Eastern and Western hemisphere

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