The most off-beat and unusual places to stay

The places you stay in may actually be the experience! So here are some of the most experiential an unusual places to stay we’ve had around the world.

The most off-the-beaten-path romantic destinations in Europe

We stand 100% behind the statement that true romance can be found anywhere as people carry it inside themselves. While some places can encourage romance, some other places can be an obstacle. We have visited many of those considered most … Read More

Following Medieval vibes in Sighisoara

Romania. Transylvania. The medieval town of Sighisoara. The Clock Tower welcomes the visitors of the Old Town of Sighisoara. Then you are handed over to the alluring pubs, the humble churches, and the tiny cobblestone streets. Had Romanians discovered time travel, or … Read More

Event: Go2Balkans

Go2Balkans 2016   Have you ever thought that Balkans are super underestimated as a travel destination? Does your travel to-do list include “go to Balkans”, “meet a legendary person of type Balkanski/ Балкански субект”, “learn more about the region that … Read More