Belgium – one (rainy) day in Bruges

We were really close to not visiting Bruges at all. The weather had decided to test our motivation to spend one day in Bruges. It brought lots of rain to spice up our trip to the town. Here’s how we … Read More

Traveling is the best birthday present

Usually, I receive a lot of great presents for my birthday. I rarely brag about them. I like keeping them to myself. However, there is one that I really want to share with everybody and this is the perfect place … Read More

Belguim – Antwerp

I decided to write about Antwerp from the sunny 14th deck of the Poesia Cruise ship. I don’t know if it is the sun that is too much, or I just felt like writing poetry… but Antwerp it is. We … Read More

Belgium – Brussels

Brussels was more than a nice surprise for us. I don’t know what expectations were, but still it was not the biggest highlight of the journey. However, it performed the supporting role magnificently! A walk in town We are big … Read More