What to expect when you go skiing in Babin Zub?

We talk passionately about skiing and snowboarding in Babin Zub, just as probably anyone would talk about a favorite Balkan winter resort of theirs. Since the borders are relatively easy to cross this season, many people ask us what to expect from the winter landscape, the ski vibe, and the atmosphere of the resort in Stara Planina, Serbia. In this article, we will try to answer what to expect from Babin Zub, based on our impressions of several years of visiting.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub

Expect some of the most beautiful winter views

The views from Babin Zub are close to perfection, especially when the sun is shining.

While you’re falling in love, start planning your trip with our guide to Babin Zub in winter.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub

Expect foggy days

We almost always had a day or two with fog when we went to Babin Zub in winter. Running down the slopes becomes an extreme and probably not very safe activity. The fog can move quickly, so it’s best not to take any chances because going off the slope is no joke and can hide huge risks.

Don’t expect it to be like the Alps

Babin Zub peak rises to a height of 1758 meters and there is no constant snow coverage for 4-5 months of the year as in the Alps. The good news is that you can keep an eye on Babin Zub webcameras. There are also snow-making machines. But the conditions and variety of tracks can not be compared with Livigno, for example.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub

Expect humane treatment on the ski lifts

The staff will be kind to you and even help you if you need to get on/off the lift. In general, the personnel is always ready to lend you a hand without being rude or scolding you. Which, for us, is a big difference from the attitude of the staff on the lifts in most Bulgarian ski resorts.

Expect a snowy and winding road

The road in the mountains, especially after Kalna village, is full of turns and curves, and some rough sections. They usually clean it from snow, but sometimes they can’t act so fast. Once we had to put chains on the road from Crni Vrh to Babin Zub. So good winter tires and chains ready to use are very important.

Expect lots of cigarette smoke

Unfortunately, smoking indoors is the norm everywhere in Serbia. This is a big problem for non-smokers, and even for most smokers, so it is something to keep in mind. Especially if we want to eat out without cigarette smoke, which probably means that we should not eat in restaurants, but in the home environment of the accommodation we have chosen.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub

Expect delicious food

The quality of the food is high and we can expect delicacies with seasonal products. Unfortunately, there is not much choice for vegetarians and vegans. But even ordinary salads and pickles are extremely tasty. And for the grill lovers, it is clear the finger-licking experience they will have!

Don’t expect a steady phone signal

In some places in the mountains, the signal gets lost. Wherever there is coverage, one cannot often rely on a stable internet connection. This also applies to the wifi networks of some hotels and guest houses.

Expect peace and no long lines at the lifts

Although there are not many ski runs, running down them is generally a very peaceful experience. This is a great bonus for people who do not consider themselves experienced and for those who want to remember what it is like to enjoy solitude in the mountains.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub

Expect accommodation prices to vary

Accommodation prices often vary – according to the month, the day of the week, whether there are holidays in Bulgaria, etc. The lesson we learned is that if you’re down to visit Babin Zub on specific dates, you need to book well in advance. Also, the price does not determine the quality. We stayed for little money in very nice places, sometimes we gave more money for quite basic accommodation. It is important to read comments and recommendations from other people who have stayed in the same place. In general, Serbian hosts are very warm-hearted and helpful.

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For quite a few years now, we have always booked accommodation in the area of Babin Zub through Booking.com.

Expect a lesser budget for skiing in Babin Zub

When we talk about skiing on a budget, we can certainly spend almost twice less money than if we go skiing somewhere in Bulgaria. And we do not need to limit ourselves – food, ski passes, and accommodation can be twice as cheap.

Serbia, Stara planina, winter ski resort Babin zub

So were your expectations exceeded in Babin Zub? Were there any pleasant surprises or unmet expectations? Let us know!

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