Bali – diving in Tulamben

The day was very promising so we hopped on the motorbikes and armed with some pains, but also a lot of enthusiasm, we headed to Tulamben – a place which is very famous for its underwater activities. The remnants of a U.S. ship from the Second World War and the diversity of friendly fish make Tulamben one of the top diving destinations on Bali. Diving in Tulamben was going to be our first underwater activity in Bali.

On our way there, we encountered traffic police for the first time. Since it was more than obvious that we were foreigners, they stopped us. It was quite fun to talk to them – it was impossible for them to put a fine to us because we had taken our international driving licenses with us. It was also inevitable not to have a friendly chat with them. By mistake, I gave my license first and the policeman turned to Nace with, “Where I can find a woman like this here?” after which we kindly invited him to visit Bulgaria (aren’t we great in marketing our country to foreigners 🙂 ) where women like that are a regular occurrence…

They took photos with us and even invited us to see how they were going to put a fine to the next foreigner (it was a pity that he had also brought his international driving license). After that, they waved us goodbye.

For absolute beginner divers like us, we needed a professional to take care of us while we were underwater. We chose them on our way through the village since they drew our attention. Without too much of a hassle and waste of time (in general, they showed us the signs for OK and NOT OK, and we were properly equipped), we started diving/swimming deeper and deeper.

From the very beginning, we were welcomed by indigo-sparkling small fish, swimming in passages. The deeper we went, the bigger and more colorful the fish, swimming around us, became. The water was so clean that you could see at least a few meters in front of you. We continued swimming, and suddenly, at one point, we came across the imposing ship which looked like a giant wall. Moving up and down next to it made us feel like we were going up and falling down into an abyss. The happy fish gathered around us as soon as they smelled the food that we had brought for them. Wow, and that’s just the beginning – can you imagine what would it be to dive in the best spots in Bali, or even to go diving in Indonesia and its diversity of islands and diving experiences like the Raja Ampat liveaboards?

a trip underwater and diving in Tulamben on the island of Bali
a trip underwater and diving in Tulamben on the island of Bali
a trip underwater and diving in Tulamben on the island of Bali

Our diving adventure did not happen without injuries. We knew everything under the water would be so beautiful/gorgeous, so we had bought a camera case for underwater shooting. Due to its resistance (12 meters underwater), even our humble camera managed to take some amazing shots. Our diving partners were so carried away to shoot us that they did not have enough time to react when the tide began and took us to some jagged ruins.

The nimble young divers hurried to our unsuspecting bodies, beaming with smiles, and the result of their operation was successful, as a whole. Successful – if we ignore the scratches on Nace’s leg. The small incident was not able to ruin our pleasant memories and discourage us from diving again. Especially in a place like Tulamben cherished by divers from around the world.

a trip underwater and diving in Tulamben on the island of Bali
a trip underwater and diving in Tulamben on the island of Bali
a trip underwater and diving in Tulamben on the island of Bali
With our friends – the divers who introduced us to the underwater kingdom of Tulamben!

Here you can continue diving into Bali’s beautiful nature or find the best dive liveaboard in Indonesia.

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