Meet flora and fauna of Bali

Bali Bird Park

In Bali Bird Park we found a lot of flying fauna. Typical for Bali, other Indonesian islands or Africa, most of the park inhabitants fly and walk freely in there. I am not an ornithologist so a lot of photos follow. Words are just not enough to describe such a diversity of colors.

A little bit heavy but how can you not enjoy them?
The alley guard. Please wait for your turn!
The lonely black swan
What it means to be really hungry 🙂
The hairstyle is important.
Rest and shelter for those in need.
A bad boy behind bars.

We notice few attempts to start conversion. In this park, carrots are not taught to speak human language. Some of them have native mimicry though. That’s why we were greeted back with “hi”. And some ladies received encouraging whistles.

To rest from the heat we watch a movie in the 4D theater.

While we were having lunch Ana-Maria (the grey one) and her friend came to us to present some of their show numbers. She was whispering something to Nace while the blue gorgeous tried to untie the ribbon of Bistra’s dress.

Bali Orchid Garden

After meeting the fauna it was flora time. Bali Orchid Garden is a place where fauna-lovers can see not only orchids from around the world but also other plants from the region. And of course, be greeted warmly everywhere.

Batman 🙂
In the hothouse

The symbol of Bali – the beautiful frangipani. It has the aroma, it has the style, all you need to do is pick up one from the many flowers fallen on the ground…

In the meantime, low-tide in Sanur left the boats at the bottom 🙂
Full moon preparations
The full moon over Sanur and its glory…

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