Bali – Nusa Lembongan Island

Nusa Lembongan Island is a small piece of land with a territory of 8 km2 situated in close vicinity to Bali.

We decided to visit it and enjoy its underwater and land world. We called a number from a brochure, which was offering excursions there. On the next morning, they picked us up from our villa and drove us to the well-known to us Sanur from where many boats, yachts, and other water vehicles start their journeys to the islands Lembongan and Penida, and the tiny Cheningan which stands in between them. The art of boarding a boat included catching the right moment without a wave nearby, while you are wading into the sea up to your knees and you are aiming at the boat. Interestingly, if the sea is always stormy, who will be able to master this art?

A speedboat from Bali to Nusa Lembongan

Although we were one of the last to get on the boat, there were many free spots just behind the captain, so we were very happy that we would be at the front.

Well, it became clear why no one was sitting there. As the boat speeded, the waves started grinding the boat from below. It was jumping – up and down – you would rise and fall on your buttocks in a very brisk manner. It was fun until someone started puking … On the way back, we sat at the back because we thought it would hurt even more there, but it was quiet. So that was why there was no one at the front, and the feeling was like jumping into a hole on the highway with 130 km/h. In 30 minutes, we reached the designated place. We joked that Bali has a nice area with villas, but they need to fix up the road, leading to it.

In all fairness, this is perfectly normal for a boat of this size and at such speeds. Some of the crew rode on top, on the roof, where it was difficult to balance even when the boat was anchored. For a trained boatman this is probably something usual, but for us, it was a thrilling piece of experience.

The underwater marine walk

As soon as we approached the island, we stopped at a platform deep at sea. From there, our program began – underwater swimming with a snorkel and an underwater walk (or a marine walk).

For the marine walk, we had to dress in pressure suits with scaphanders from which, thanks to hoses, we breathed air. Weights around our waists were helping us to step on the bottom. So the only resemblance to the astronauts was the scaphander which was comfortable and breathing through it was normal. This underwater pastime was even practiced by 7-year-olds. And from the bottom – up to 5 meters in depth, the fish were playfully circling and trying to compete for the food we had brought for them. The only difficult part was trying to walk on the bottom, it required a lot of effort, and it was good that there were divers there to help us from time to time not to deviate from the right path 🙂

exploring the underwater world of Nusa Lembongan Island near Bali
There were teams of fish
exploring the underwater world of Nusa Lembongan Island near Bali
This one wanted to be the only in the photo 🙂

Chilling on the boat

After the underwater adventures, they let us laze on the boat. Some of us lied under the sun, others were balancing on the dangling boat, and there were some who tried to navigate it.


After a hearty lunch, we hopped on kayaks to tour the beach area. Navigating a kayak in the nasty emerald waters was not easy, but we managed to capture some photos of the coast…. and not only that.

exploring the underwater world of Nusa Lembongan Island near Bali
In the background, one can see the imposing peaks of Agung Mountain on Bali

On our way back, some of us were happy that we were not bouncing off of each sea edge, but again there were others who got sick… 🙁

These speedboats are only for connoisseurs.

Planning the day trip to Java

We spent the night in organizing our next trip to the neighboring island of Java.

Again from the brochures, we chose a one-day trip by plane, and we agreed with the agency to come to our place to arrange the details. We lost count of how many ATMs we needed to hunt down in order to withdraw the necessary amount – they were all with very small limits, and we did not want to withdraw 100 times with all the corresponding fees, etc. After we successfully found money, we decided to help the people from the agency to find us because our villa was not easy to discover. So, we were standing by the road at the full moon … At some point, we heard songs from the nearby temples – ceremonies, melodies. And as we were standing there, a kitten came to play with us.

At some point, a car turned on our street and started heading towards us, while all of a sudden, the kitten ran in front of it. We heard the squeaking sound of brakes and a man came out to check out what happened to the kitten. Later, he told us why he was so worried – on Bali, if you run over a cat, it brings you bad karma. So bad was it that if the cat had failed to escape on time, you have to at least provide a burial service for it, or rather a cremation. But apparently, we were all lucky because both the kitten was alive, and we had arranged to catch a flight to Yogyakarta in the morning of the following day.

If you have more time to explore the island, take a look at this comprehensive guide to Nusa Lembongan

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