Nepal itinerary – a journey of spirituality and Nepali people

So you’re headed to Nepal and have no idea what to do there? Don’t worry, that was our case, too. Here is our one-week itinerary in Nepal plus one more itinerary for 7-9 days that captures the top of spirituality, … Read More

How to travel to India so you can actually explore Incredible India

How can you have any expectations before you travel to India for the first time? Whatever we imagine or thought it might be, it all fell down this hole in Bengaluru, from which a huge rat came out to say … Read More

Experience Nepali culture: Community homestay in Nepal

After the occasional but very authentic and casual “follow the locals” experience in Changu Narayan Temple, it was clear we needed to book a homestay experience with those lovely locals. That’s why the Nepali culture itinerary right after my yoga … Read More

Meet Hadzabe tribe and Datoga tribe at Lake Eyasi, Tanzania!

We didn’t expect that two of our most exciting encounters with local people will happen in the area of Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. Two communities of African tribes that we seem to find somewhere back in time. They live with … Read More

Easter Island 4-day itinerary – Moai head statues and much more

In a previous post about planning a trip to Easter Island, Valentina Merico got us totally hooked to visit the island far far away than anything continental. Now it’s time that she shows us how we can explore the island … Read More

How to plan a trip to Easter Island

Welcome to a guest post by a very promising future travel blogger Valentina Merico. Valentina will take us to the magical Easter Island! Bon Voyage! Since I was a kid and watched the 1994 movie “Rapa-Nui”, I have been fascinated … Read More

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