How to visit Belarus + Belarus itinerary

Why would you visit Belarus? In everyone’s travel life comes a moment, when you stop being interesting in popular destinations. You’re searching for some underrated places, some places where tourism is not even a thing. You want to explore in … Read More

Welcome to the Maldives local islands

It all started when in 2010 an important decision is taken in the Maldives. Local inhabited islands were then allowed to welcome tourists. This way local people could actually benefit from the tourists who spend their dream vacations on the … Read More

Our favorite things to do in Tanzania

Join us on a trip to Tanzania where we will connect with the incredible nature of the country and meet its fascinating people! After we shared our favorite things to do in Zanzibar, now it’s time for our favorite things … Read More

The best authentic cultural tours

We decided to put together some of the best authentic cultural tours to explore in 2020. Feel free to get inspired with all those amazing cultural tours that will take you sailing the Moselle river, exploring the Atlas mountains, searching … Read More

Meet Adventures With Locals in Uganda

Uganda is a magical country without a doubt with its endless beauty but more magical are the people within Uganda who are the amazing locals. Today we want you to meet two amazing ladies and their sustainable travel enterprise – … Read More

How to spend a day or more in Cancun and immerse in the culture

Hey, hola! Our very first stop of the Central America Grande journey is Cancún! Until very very soon, we knew almost nothing about it. Well, except that it is the mecca of beach tourism in the Yucatan peninsula with plenty … Read More

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