Meet Ketki and Remya – two friends and travelers we met at Kerala Travel Mart 2022

We had always wanted to talk about travel events through the amazing people we meet. Today will talk about one of the highlights of 2022 – the Kerala Travel Mart. We’re not going to share about the amazing trips they organize, or the quality of the mart itself, but we will introduce two amazing travel professionals and friends we met because of KTM. Without further ado, let’s see how Ketki and Remya answered our questions and get to know them a bit!

Kerala Travel Mart, India

Can you introduce yourself – who are you, what do you do, where are you located, anything you want the world to know about you?


My name is Ketki Gadre and I am an environmental consultant and a sustainable travel blogger, who loves nature, wildlife, and heritage. I’m based in Ahmedabad, India, and I enjoy bringing places to life through my informative blogs and publications to inspire readers to travel sustainably and become responsible travelers on my blog, Explore with Ecokats.

Ketki Gadre profile photo


I am Remya S Anand, an avid traveler, poet, creative writer, travel writer, and a garden stylist too. I work for the government of Kerala.

I have been writing poems since my childhood and am a voracious reader too.

I have been publishing articles in multiple journals and newspapers since the age of nine. I presented my travel experience on many prominent TV channels.

Photo of Remya S Anand

Now tell us more about your blogging/writing. How did you decide to start? What is the mission of this endeavor?


During my work with an environmental NGO, I used to travel across the lengths and breadths of India. I would steal some time before and after my working hours to explore the place. Explore with Ecokats was started not only to document my own journeys but to inspire readers to travel sustainably and become responsible and ethical travelers. My stories and listicles are mainly on heritage sites, wildlife sanctuaries and even regular touristy places with a sustainable dash to them.

Photo by Ketki Gadre
Nature always wins!


My publications (poems, travelogues, short stories, scientific articles, garden-related articles) have been published in multiple magazines, newspapers, and several online media. I have more than 100 publications to my credit. I am a social media influencer too.

My reading habits have shaped my thoughts and enriched my vocabulary which in turn developed my flair for creative writing.

My mission is to motivate the ordinary man to realize the dream of traveling in a budget-friendly manner.

In all travelogues, I focus on sharing tips to manage travel in the most cost-effective ways. I believe traveling opens up the minds of people and they start looking at things from a different perspective.

Which are your favorite places and experiences that you love to write about?


I am happiest around nature and wildlife. The first thing I look up while visiting a new place is the wildlife of the region – any wildlife sanctuaries or national parks that I can visit is the top priority followed by architecturally rich places and temples.

My favorite place in the world is Ladakh in India, and Manali to Leh road-trip is my best travel experience so far.

Ladakh by Ketki Gadre


My favorite place in India is Kashmir and the Himalayas and of course, Europe is my favorite overseas destination.

What motivates you to keep going? Have you had moments when you almost gave up blogging? How about moments when you felt like a rock star doing it?


Blogging is like a personal travel diary for me. I keep doing it so as to document my experiences and journeys. It fills me with joy to read my own blog from previous years and reminisce about the place through photos.

I did feel like giving up travel blogging during the pandemic when travel had completely halted and there was no glimmer of hope if it would ever start.


My readers motivate me to keep going and explore new places and never give up.

My rock star moment was when I fulfilled my mom’s dream to do international travel. I was able to take her to Singapore despite her health conditions.

Share with us a fun fact about you? Do you want to share a message with the world?


I am a selectively introvert! I cannot strike up a conversation with random people and sometimes even extended family members. But ask me about travel and you will want me to shut up!

Photo by Ketki Gadre


My message to the world is to travel responsibly without leaving any trail of one’s visit.

Photo by Remya S Anand

Do you usually join travel events and press trips? What is Kerala Travel Mart and how did you decide to apply as a media?


I have attended a few press trips and travel marts in India and other countries. I pick those who are close to my niche and my blog ideology.

I have worked with Kerala Tourism before which made Kerala Travel Mart (KTM) invite me to apply for the event. I did and got selected. KTM is not only a B2B travel mart but a stage for Kerala to present itself to the world. KTM arranged for a pre-mart tour for travel bloggers to explore the state.

Photo by Ketki Gadre


I usually take part in travel events and press trips. I came across KTM through a newspaper article and applied for it.

Photo by Remya S Anand

What was the KTM 2022 experience for you – the pre-tour trip and the mart itself. What kind of industry professionals would benefit the most from similar events?


KTM has been a successful event for years and attracted hotels, travel agents and media to participate. It is the perfect platform to market new programmes, trails and places in Kerala.

I think KTM is beneficial for all travel-related professionals as it gives a great networking opportunity.

I had a lovely experience in KTM 2022, especially in the pre-mart tour. I went to the same places that I have been before but ended up exploring everything new. That is the beauty of travel – documenting new things. I also made friends for life who have similar travel ideologies. I highly recommend KTM to all.


The KTM 2022 travel experience is one of the best trips I ever had in my life. It was an extremely well-organized trip.

We felt like a family amongst all the new people I met on the trip. We were able to share travel experiences despite being from different continents. Hotel industry, travel & tourism industry professionals will highly benefit from similar events.

Those were our dear friends and avid travelers Ketki and Remya. What interesting people did you meet during your last trip? Let us know!

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