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we are writing a travel book to inspire more people to travel near and far
A Naxi writer


We want to inspire more and more people to travel. To travel to nearby places as well as to distant ones. To travel to the most popular destinations and to the least visited and known ones. To be brave to dream, to listen to their inner voice and to еxplore the world around them.
You can not always influence what you are going to see and how you are going to feel about it. One thing is for sure – meeting new people will always be influential experience. Those encounters might make your experience unforgettable. The stories of the locals are always an interesting and entertaining way to learn about them, to learn about yourself.
We decided to pay some respect to some of the most memorable encounters during our travels, to reveal the unconventional beauty of some places, to present the images from people’s hearts instead of those from the brochures. We will tell about our encounters with some of the most memorable people we met on the way, we’ll talk about the places they live in. We will collect all the stories and release them as a book. We are publishing a book! A collection of stories about extraordinary experiences at the birthplaces of ordinary people.
We plan to publish printed book in Bulgarian and an e-book in English.
We hope that reading the book will entertain you and help you build empathy for the locals, while you get to realize how you can make the most of your travels, to enjoy every single step and define ‘happiness’ your way. And remember, meeting people who you will probably never see again may change your life!
The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals. In our new project we’re going to tell you the stories about 14 of our favorite places in the world, where meeting local people totally changed our experience. Feel the vibes of the magic of traveling and take off to close and distant destinations to see the world through the locals’ eyes.
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