Follow the Japanese, wear a Kimono – my kimono photoshoot

In the room for socializing of Ryokan Kato, Yoshino we did a kimono photoshoot thanks to our lovely hosts. They have an impressive collection of kimonos and accessories and are enthusiastic about spreading Japanese culture and smiles! So let’s see how Bistra got dressed in kimono by our local hosts who turned out to be really good kimono dressers and stylists! 👘👘👘

Kimono Yoshino
Not my size…
Second attempt with a female fashion consultant :-)
Second attempt with a female fashion consultant 🙂
I need to lose half of my weight to start look like a Japanese woman!
I need to lose half of my weight to start looking like a Japanese woman!

The spa is upstairs :-)
The spa is upstairs 🙂
Kimono Yoshino , living room
Welcome to my new living room!
Welcome to my new living room!
Kimonos are not just beautiful traditional costumes or everyday wear. A kimono photoshoot will bring you into the Japanese miracles of being humble, respectful, and delicate. Do not wait to experience the country and its people!

We are very thankful to Ryokan Kato for their help and the wonderful stay! They pampered every our whim. Domo arigato! 👘👘👘

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