Bulgaria travel ideas: Start here!

Over time, we’ve published and updated many articles about Bulgaria and it is no longer just hard to keep all that organized them, it is simply impossible. That’s why we decided to put together the best from The Magic of Traveling blog, everything that will give you inspiration and practical advice for traveling in the country. So here comes the Bulgaria travel ideas starting point.

A side note: we still haven’t managed to share about many places and experiences. We hope to expand the article and fill in the gaps in our Bulgaria travel map. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

Bulgaria travel ideas, traditional Bulgarian wear and folklore festivals

The good thing about living in Bulgaria or at least staying for a little longer is that you can do day trips, weekend breaks and escapes from reality, several day tours, trips on two, four or more wheels, long wanderings and what not – and you’re unlikely to get bored. Do you have a limited budget? No problem. Do you want to pamper yourself? Welcome! There’s something for everyone. And small and medium-sized businesses in tourism and hospitality are becoming more responsive, more creative, more friendly, and they’re even entering the world league. So quality travel experiences in the country is a mission possible! Below we have grouped our Bulgaria travel ideas.

Bulgaria travel ideas: Buzovgrad Megalith rocks

Beach, sea, summer

As the weather is starting to warm up and a very favorite season comes for all who love wearing a minimum amount of clothes on themselves and absorbing the maximum amount of sunlight, we start with the favorite of more travelers summer.

Is there any room on the beach in Bulgaria – we wondered a few years ago. Since then we bet on quality, not quantity and we visit pretty much the same three beaches. We decided to make a massive tour of the few remaining relatively wild and very beautiful beaches in Bulgaria. The northern Black Sea coast surprised us with inexplicably beautiful nature and fresh hospitality. We talked about what to do in Varna when we are not on the beach. In general, we recommend the Bulgarian Black Sea coast before the summer season – the month of May is our favorite, tranquility is guaranteed and the experience is just delightful. And yes, the sea is good for swimming in May!

Spa, wine, ski, winter

And because we love extremes, we jump into the complete opposite – winter. Who doesn’t love the feeling of falling snowflakes? Dare to admit!?!

Winter brings us to winter resorts – be it for a weekend or a week, for example to our favorite Pamporovo or nearby Borovets, and last but not least – when the weather is bad, it is the ideal time for spa and relaxation and for wine tasting. We gathered our favorite spa hotels and our favorite wineries in Bulgaria. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of off days – we have visited most places for a day or a weekend. We found that there is a lot to do in Bansko, even when we do not ski or hike the mountains.

Bulgaria travel ideas: spa in Bulgaria

On the road and outdoors

But our true love is the transitional seasons, spring and fall. Although in recent years they have been unexpectedly short, with very strange behavior, they make us change plans at the last moment, but they also give us the opportunity for spontaneous wanderings – we love those seasons in all their diversity! Even if you only have one day available to travel – there are so many options.

Folklore festivals, music concerts, and dance competitions are held in Bulgaria throughout the year. We never forget to dance a horo at least once a year on a square (or in a sports hall, if the weather does not allow outside). As the weather warms up, we begin adventure activities with outdoor adrenaline, searching for poppies and cherries, wild peonies, roses, rosés, lavender, and sunflowers. We greet July Morning and somehow imperceptibly autumn falls, Apollonia Festival expects us to caress our senses. When it gets cold, we look for catching up with friends indoors, spa, wine, and going outside just to resist the weather.

Bulgaria travel ideas: July morning

Sofia – ever growing, never aging

Although there are some contradictory opinions and statements about Sofia, we all continue to live in the city, right? It has fascinated us for a long time and we try to enjoy our life in the capital to the fullest. When we want a breath of fresh air, Vitosha mountain will get us out of the grayness of the Sofia plain.

Towns that have it all

We leave Sofia and hit the road to near and far places. Do you have time for a just day trip from Sofia? Kostenets will surprise you. Dupnitsa does that, too. Sometimes the road takes us to Haskovo, Stara Zagora, Kabile, and sometimes we just run to Velingrad for a weekend escape. Noisy cities, quiet towns, and abandoned neighborhoods -they all have their charms.

For all the things to do in Bulgaria, which we have experienced over the years from our travels in the country, we keep a list. And it doesn’t even have more than half of them…

Bulgaria travel ideas: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - view of Tsarevets

So, those are our Bulgaria travel ideas, everything we have published on the blog in the past few years. We wish you an abundance of inspiration and many great journeys and we are getting ready to pack our bags and hit the road!

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