About us and our travel lifestyle

“We’re just planning our next two-month-long trip!” I said excitedly in a small talk conversation with a lady I just met. “Why do you have to travel so much?” asked the lady, unpleasantly surprised. “I feel empathy for you.” I … Read More

What it’s like to live in an RV – the good & bad

Welcome to a lovely guest post on the topic of living in an RV (recreational vehicle). This topic was of great interest for us and we think you might be interested to know more about what it means to live … Read More

Wine tourism: The best countries to taste wine

Where to go for the ultimate wine experience? We asked some of the wine-loving-world-trotting travelers for recommendations on the best countries to taste wine. So let’s go ahead and practice wine tourism all over the world! In this article, you … Read More

Responsible tourism: Can we travel and be responsible to nature

Traveling while being responsible for nature, as well as responsible tourism shouldn’t be impossible combinations. It’s hard to imagine that just one person traveling mindfully and taking care of the environment would change the game. But if there is just … Read More

The year 2018 in 18 amazing places and experiences

It’s time to recap 2018! We put together our most amazing experiences and places visited in 2018. We know we’ve always been working hard towards our goals and dreams – to travel the world, engage with inspiring people, have memorable … Read More

Introducing The Magic of Traveling Tours

With the years of traveling and blogging, we have been asked, “When will we travel with you?”. Here’s how to travel with us, The Magic of Traveling Tours!

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