The Journey Box – our idea of unique travel gifts

Can you put some travel memories in a box? Can you indulge your senses with emotional and practical things from journeys to different corners of the world? Do you usually give unique travel gifts? Let’s find out together! The Magic … Read More

Camino de Santiago cost + planning tips

Here’s how to calculate Camino de Santiago cost based on our four Caminos so far. We included Camino de Santiago planning tips, too.

Our favorite travel books

Where do we get travel inspiration from? How do we choose the next destination? Can a book inspire us to visit a place? YES! That’s the reason why we have put together a list of some of our favorite travel … Read More

Our favorite couple travel quotes

We’re usually two of those people that would read out loud a nice travel quote to their better half and than continue life as usual. We don’t have the habit of writing down our wanderlust quotes. But it’s time to … Read More

How to walk the Camino de Santiago – how to be a good pilgrim

How (not) to be a Good Pilgrim in 25 Easy Steps a.k.a. how to walk the Camino de Santiago Camino de Santiago has turned up to be coined for spiritual enlightenment, getting closer to God, and growing the pilgrims from … Read More

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