The Land of the Thunder Dragon – things to do in a 3-day Bhutan itinerary

Welcome to Druk Yul! Druk is the word for thunder dragon in Dzonghka (Bhutanese language) so you will meet this word many times, in different contexts, and in almost any brand/business name. Our first visit to Bhutan was planned and organized … Read More

Welcome to Bhutan – meet the people and the culture

Bhutan is not just a country, but a concept that was and is fascinating to us. We knew nothing about Bhutanese people but after having the chance to meet some of them, we’re amazed. So we decided to put together … Read More

The year 2018 in 18 amazing places and experiences

It’s time to recap 2018! We put together our most amazing experiences and places visited in 2018. We know we’ve always been working hard towards our goals and dreams – to travel the world, engage with inspiring people, have memorable … Read More

Is it hard to plan a trip to Bhutan (impromptu, while being in Nepal)?

The country of gross national happiness and Buddhism was not on our immediate bucket list. It was there in our imagination – because our favorite travel books told us how magical it is. But we knew it’s quite expensive to … Read More