Country number 60 and the new grand journey starting

Some time ago we asked you which country should become number 60 in our list of visited countries. We got tons of great ideas on new places as well as great reminders for places we’ve visited. We got so much … Read More

December in Ireland – enjoy Christmas vibes

Being in Ireland was a long-time dream for us. But exploring the country during the Christmas season was an adventure. Before sharing all the findings and breathtaking views and experiences with you, we will try to bring you the Irish … Read More

Strumica, beyond the carnival glory

Many people are attracted to visit the Strumica Carnival every year before the beginning of the spring. A mask and costume parade with thousands of modern and traditional masks is the event of the year. It’s a common misconception that … Read More

Explore Mauritius – water, coastal, and inland activities on the island

Green sugarcane fields fill your sight. Round or square old sugar factory chimneys and small dirt roads leading to them remind some people were here a long time ago. We are not in the 14th century and this is not … Read More

Explore Beijing – size matters in the capital of China

“We should go, this elevator is full…” Guess again, it can accommodate at least ten more people. “We just have to cross this junction to get to you…” Sure, but to cross you have to walk at least 500 meters … Read More

Nazca to Huacachina to Lima – an adventurous journey

The turbulence in our stomachs, caused by the aerial view of the Nazca Lines, is slowly fading. We even treated ourselves to tasty pancakes for lunch. Now, along with all our stuff, we are waiting at the station for the … Read More

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