Kenya, Watamu – in Italy or Kenya?

Watamu, Kenya is the place where the Italian and the African cultures meet to prove that they can coexist. In the past Watamu was a fishing village, now it attracts people with its beautiful beaches and the islands, which resurface … Read More

El Salvador – highlights of the most underrated country in Central America

“This country is not a happy place”, “It’s beautiful but dangerous”, “Don’t go there, they will rob you” – those are just a part of what people told us about El Salvador. We were making our way to this country … Read More

Europe – Asia – Africa in 24 hours + Nairobi for a day

Departure point: Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe Destination: Nairobi, Kenya, Africa Let the adventure begin! There are several obstacles we have to overcome to achieve our ambitious goal of passing through Europe- Asia- Africa within a day. Let’s see how this day … Read More

Peru – Machu Picchu

The hidden city, built in the golden age of the Inca Empire. Hidden, because it remained vacant and overgrown with plants during the Spanish conquest, which allowed it to be preserved. Today we know it as one of the wonders … Read More

12 reasons not to visit Apollonia Festival of Arts

After having a wonderful time at the Apollonia Festival of Arts last year, there was no option to skip it this year. We are sharing that experience whenever and with whomever, we can, and we are stating that every fan … Read More

Mediterranean Cruise with MSC Poesia – itinerary and video

There is something so magical, mystique and lovely about cruising the seas and discovering new lands! Here we’ll share some moments from our Mediterranean cruise stopping at Genua, Malaga, Lisbon, Casablanca, and Barcelona. Having only the experience of cruising the Aegean … Read More

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