How to enjoy China – impressions from my life in China

China will remain a place shrouded in illusions, stereotypes, and smog for me. The stereotypes about a country of such size and great population must contain a grain of truth, even if it’s true only about a small sample of … Read More

Things to do in Amed, Bali

Our favorite things to do in Amed, Bali – combine relaxing and enjoying pristine nature with exploring local villages and sailing with a jukung.

We’ve got some news!

  We want to inspire more and more people to travel. To travel to nearby places as well as to distant ones. To travel to the most popular destinations and to the least visited and known ones. To be brave … Read More

Explore Mauritius – water, coastal, and inland activities on the island

Green sugarcane fields fill your sight. Round or square old sugar factory chimneys and small dirt roads leading to them remind some people were here a long time ago. We are not in the 14th century and this is not … Read More

Under the skies of Paris

Paris has many names – City of Light, City of Love and many more. They are all well-deserved! Once we felt its magic in the winter of 2011. However, recently we had a chance to visit it in the spring … Read More

11 ways London might surprise you as a first-time visitor

Expectations are a powerful weapon. They can turn a great experience into a horrible one and the other way around. Many people had told us things about London – both good and bad things. That’s why we went there with … Read More

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