The best places to visit according to your travel type

This post is being put together for quite some time. We wanted to present the best holiday destinations for each travel type we may fall into according to our current state of mind, experiences so far and positions of stars … Read More

Our best Camino de Santiago tips

Camino de Santiago turned out to be an opiate. An opiate for those who still dream to walk it, an opiate for those who have already done it. If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have … Read More

Camino de Santiago packing list

La mochila es mi casa. Quote from the base of a bed in an albergue in a village on the Camino The backpack is my house. If you’re about to walk on Camino de Santiago, then you probably know that … Read More

Are you ready for Camino de Santiago?

Many people think of the legendary Camino de Santiago as a concept, an idea, that is too far away from their lives and capabilities. It is a test for the body, that they do not think they can manage to … Read More

Christmas and New Year’s traditions and customs around the world

We live in such a multicultural world that it is impossible not to notice how diverse Christmas and New Year’s traditions and customs different parts of the world have. Winter holiday season is the best time to cherish traditions and … Read More

Camino de Santiago – Thinking on the road

When all you do is walk all day long and all you plan to do is walking some more tomorrow it is easy for the mind to wander off. When you walk Camino de Santiago you quickly fall into this … Read More

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