Camino de Santiago – Thinking on the road

When all you do is walk all day long and all you plan to do is walking some more tomorrow it is easy for the mind to wander off. When you walk Camino de Santiago you quickly fall into this pattern. You don’t need much time to plan your day and activities, so you have your mind free from all daily worries. And then comes the question: “What should you use your mind for?”.

It is interesting how one road such as Camino de Santiago (even if it is so long) can bring up so many different emotions and thoughts in the same person. Lets take for example the fields near Leon. They themselves can affect you in so many ways in only one day.

The fields near Leon are as endless as they are beautiful

When you start walking through them at first you admire them. You can find yellow fields in spring and purple lavender fields during summer. When you walk and walk, since the scenery is not changing very fast, you start wondering if you are ever going to pass them by. When this depression eases off you just start thinking about some random stuff, pretty much everything that comes to your mind sounds like a good idea. I bet Camino de Santiago is the biggest generator for start-up ideas.

Camino de Santiago Leon fields

Going up on Camino de Santiago

Not all thoughts are happy thoughts, though. Sometimes your mind generates dark and scary thought and plans. This moments often appear when you are climbing up and you are very tired. It feels like you are never going to reach your destination and the mountain is getting bigger and bigger after every turn.

Camino de Santiago going up Foncebadon

Going down on Camino de Santiago

The opposite is true when you are going down. Statistically speaking, that’s when you have the most brilliant ideas. It is proved! We will see what will happen with our idea for donkey carrying luggage on the Camino, but I bet it will be very successful!

Camino de Santiago going down Astorga

Rocky road

Surprisingly, the difficult areas from the Camino, such as too muddy or walking on unstable rocks or “swimming” through some newly made rivers, are actually quite fun. They somehow bring you back to the here and now and feel a lot like an adventure. Even better is when you are past them when you feel like a real action hero.

Camino de Santiago rocky road near Hospital del Cruz

Camino blows your mind away

Sometimes, however, you cannot think about anything. The road is so beautiful and it feels so unreal that your mind just turns off. Then it is not about business plans, fantasies, or stories. It is just about you on the road, going forward.

Camino de Santiago sunrise Astorga

Here’s how we experience Camino 2016 in a less-than-7-minutes video. Enjoy!

Are you ready for Camino de Santiago?

What should be on your packing list for it?

Can you walk the same Camino twice? 

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6 Responses

  1. Going down the road of Santiago is something I would really like to do. Thank you for the nice post about it 🙂

    • Petya Yakimova

      We hope you go there soon and tell us how you felt about it and what you were thinking about, especially while crossing the fields near Leon. 🙂

  2. NTripping

    Great story and I love the photos! It’s on my bucket list already 😉

    Off to tweet your post.

    Have a great Sunday!


    • Petya Yakimova

      Thank you 🙂 I wish you a great Sunday and an amazing experience on the Camino when you go there. Buen Camino!

  3. Vladislava Genova

    A dream for all of us passionate travellers I am sure! Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Petya Yakimova

      I hope you make this dream of yours come true soon and share your story 🙂