Bali – exploring the south of the island

We reached the point where we had the time to spend a whole day in the southern part of Bali or more specifically – the Bukit Peninsula. It is said that this part of the island is domineered by gigantic … Read More

Java island – Yogyakarta, Pramban, and Borobodur tour

The story about Krakatau’s eruption in the proximity of Java Island had impressed me when I was young. So as we were only an hour away (by plane) from Java’s center, it would have been a sin not to visit … Read More

Meet flora and fauna of Bali

Bali Bird Park In Bali Bird Park we found a lot of flying fauna. Typical for Bali, other Indonesian islands or Africa, most of the park inhabitants fly and walk freely in there. I am not an ornithologist so a … Read More

Bali – Nusa Lembongan Island

Nusa Lembongan Island is a small piece of land with a territory of 8 km2 situated in close vicinity to Bali. We decided to visit it and enjoy its underwater and land world. We called a number from a brochure, … Read More

Bali – the North

Of course, we turned off the alarm at 3 am as soon as it started ringing, and we continued sleeping. Our guide woke us up by assiduously knocking on the glass door of our bedroom. 🙂 It was a great … Read More

Bali – Tanah Lot spirituality and Kuta beach glory

Today, we hopped on a motorbike and headed to Tanah Lot – one of Bali’s most famous temples. Why? You will find out soon. This is Batu Balong Temple in the vicinity of Tanah Lot. At high tide, the water … Read More

Bali – from Ubud to Canggu

Due to our slight discomfort yesterday, we had arranged with our driver to explore the craft villages for today. Batik (the name of the fabric) weaving, carpentry, processing of gold and silver, egg dying, and stick knitting are some of … Read More

Bali on a Bike

Besides being very positive and smiling, some people in Bali also have an entrepreneurial spirit. Yesterday, as we were lying on the beach, one of the hotel managers passed by. We got to chatting and he offered us a great … Read More

Bali – the charms of Ubud

Unhurriedly, we reached Ubud. It has nothing to do with the area around Amed – the pristine and not-so-touristy Amed – captivating with its unspoiled nature and people unaware of the outside world. Ubud’s center was the complete opposite – … Read More

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