16 favorite spa places in Bulgaria

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Spa and relax in Bulgaria – an experience not to be missed


No matter that we are big fans of the active life, activities and dancing, that we don’t enjoy staying home in front of the TV, that we are always doing something, we cannot say that we do not like spa and relax. Actually, it turns out we have spent not just a weekend or two in Bulgaria in a swimming pool, sauna or steam bath, or just on a sunbed. The last one could slowly turn into another favorite experience, that includes dreaming – sleeping.

So, what is so special about spa and relax? Is it possible to rest your body, let your mind wonder and get some energy and new ideas? Maybe it is a combination of all three. The best thing is when the natural resources are joined by some manpower, thus creating the basis for all of these amazing spa and relax happiness.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Dolna Banya


Fortunately, Bulgaria is rich with natural resources – mineral water, healing springs, pure air (at most places). The mountains and the plains offer different opportunities for rest, relax and heal yourself.

We start remembering about places in Bulgaria, where we have enjoyed some spa and relax…


That’s how at least 16 reasons to consider Bulgaria a diamond in the spa crown of Europe came to mind. One could even say it is a spa jewel or at least a spa capital of the continent of relaxing, resting, healing and having a good time!



Sapareva Banya

Not many towns can say they have their own geyser. Sapareva Banya welcomes its guests by its steaming geyser in the center of the city. The town attract us with its closeness to Sofia, its friendly locals and its huge amount of pools and thermal delights for resting and getting prettier. It should be named SPApareva Banya.

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Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Sapareva Banya



We do not remember how we ended up in the small village of Banya in Blagoevgrad Province. However, it was really hard holding us off of jumping in the 50-degrees jacuzzi outside. The water has to be cooled for a while before you can get it so you don’t boil your insights. When the temperature of the water dropped under 40 degrees we were finally able to enjoy it (we had also had some lunch while waiting).


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Banya


Dolna Banya

The Romans themselves have appreciated the region around Dolna Banya for its natural springs. That’s why we have also traveled to the open-air pools with different temperatures a few times. There you can give yourself some shock therapy without leaving the water. Spa for the lazy, as well for the adrenaline seekers (those who enjoy lying in the snow 15 minutes after visiting a 40-degrees pool).


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Dolna Banya
The toughest ones are covered in snow



Chiflik Resort offers a big natural spring and lots of hotels with pools and spa. We enjoyed the most our stay in the water near the main road of the village so we could see what was going on. Let’s not forget that a warm pool and alcohol can be a bad combination. However, the photos afterwards can tell you the story.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Chiflik



The village of Pchelin and Pchelin’s Baths have some of the hottest mineral spring – 73 degrees Celsius. The village is really small and does not offer a lot of options for accommodation, but it compensates with peacefulness and possibility to sleep. It is also near Sofia.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Pchelin
Ready to sleep in Pchelin



The water in the town of Varshets is tasty and has lots of useful elements in it. People go there not only to relax and heal, but also to enjoy the nice climate of the resort. It is even possible a resort to have bad climate?  😄

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Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Varshets
A view towards the area around Varshets



The area around Kostenets is full of mineral springs. Apart from the spa, you can also try fishing and long walks among the nature there. The close proximity to the capital doesn’t seem to be a problem, since it is still really peaceful there.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Kostenets
The gear for spa in the winter – towel, swimsuit and a warm hat



The village of Govedartsi may not have mineral springs, but there you can relax by the pool, cool down nearby the river and breath some fresh air. These are all things that are good for your health and your mood.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Govedartsi



Panagyurishte is a significant place for Bulgarian history. Officially there might not be a hot mineral spring, but you will definitely find a place for spa and relax. Also you will be able to learn a lot about Bulgarian revolutionaries and the uprisings against the Ottoman Empire.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - between Borovets and Sapareva Banya
Sometimes the road itself is so beautiful that you forget about the destination



Kuystendil is a well-known town among the cherry lovers. It also has some great spa potential. The Roman Thermal Baths and the Turkish Baths there mean that the potential of this city was noticed ages ago. It is time for us to enjoy it, too!


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Dolna Banya
Do you know those guys in the steam?



The famous around Europe winter resort of Bansko can be a great summer destination, too. Apart from climbing, hiking and walking we can enjoy one of the many spa centers and hotels there. After a long day on the slopes of the resort you just need to rest in a warm pool.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Bansko



Really close to Sofia is Borovets – a resort very well-known to the ski and snowboard fans. The resort is one of the first resorts in Bulgaria, probably on the Balkans, maybe even in Europe. As we know, spa and relax exist for as long as humankind does, so the oldest place for rest must have the necessary equipment for them.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Borovets
The sunrise in Borovets


Belchinski Bani

The village of Belchinski Bani is a famous balneological center due to its warm thermal waters. No matter whether you are visiting it for healing, rest or pleasure, the pure air there is a great combination with the healing waters and the friendly locals.

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Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Belshinski Bani
Under the thick shade – summer in Belshinski Bani



We were talking about winter resorts, so it is time to say that The Rhodope Mountains also have some great spa places. The freshness of the pine trees, the charm of the mountain and the laziness around the pool. Pamporovo definitely makes up for the curvy road to get there.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Pamporovo
Alternative spa – igloo. Inside it can be a real sauna.


Many people say that Velingrad is the spa capital of the Balkans. We will not count their geothermal fields, we are just going to say that, even though they are trying to make the city very commercial, there still can be found nice places for spa and relax. The lack of clouds is also a positive side.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Velingrad



Nothing anyone said about the quality of the springs in Hisarya will ever be enough. They heal all kinds of sicknesses, they have great effects over the mind and the body. There are no people or tribes that lived in Hisarya that did not benefit from the natural springs there.


Favorite spa places in Bulgaria - Hisarya
Near a spring in Hisarya


What are we waiting for? Let’s go to the springs to relax! Or should we do some spa and a nap? Spa in Bulgaria is an experience you shouldn’t miss! 




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  1. ckaway
    | Reply

    You two sure look like you are having a wonderful time. Really enjoyed reading about each experience and imagined going spa-hopping across the country. Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips for doing it ourselves.

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      Thank you for the nice words! We hope to inspire more people to indulge themselves in not so typical spa destinations 🙂

  2. The Walking Map
    | Reply

    I think I would try Kyustendil first. I never associated Bulgaria with spas, but now I know.

  3. Cat
    | Reply

    So many great places to unwind and relax! I will need to go on a spa retreat in Bulgaria!

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      You should! You will be mesmerized by Bulgaria’s beauty and spa potential!

  4. Kevin Wagar
    | Reply

    I love the mix of the cold air and snow with a hot tub. These look like a relaxing paradise!

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      I love it, too! Then you should come in winter to make sure air is cold and fresh enough. But summer can give you that breeze… So any season, you’re welcome!

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