The perfect road trip in New Zealand

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Our words are not enough to describe the beauty and the power of the nature in New Zealand. So we filmed moments of our road trip and want to share this with you!

Driving is on the left side of the road we drove for 5541km. For practical details and inspirational photos, please refer to our itinerary. Don’t forget to take a break at least few times a day and enjoy some picnics and hikes.

And here’s a secret: The idea for the book The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals was born somewhere on those roads!

And here’s the video of that perfect road trip we had in New Zealand…


Our itinerary

We’ve put together a wonderful 4-week itinerary so we want to share it with you so you can get inspired and hit the road of Aotearoa!

We love the fact that New Zealand is so distant. Even though the trip to there took 30+ hours and lots of flying, it is a journey that is totally worth it. Being so far away from… everything means that this Middle-Earth preserved its natural beauty of landscapes and cultures up to a high degree.

Aotearoa is so beautiful that all you need to get a car and drive! Just make sure you can afford many stops and mind-blowing views. Here we share what we experience on each week of our 4-week (during December and January) itinerary. We tried to cover as much as possible from the vast lands of this endlessly fascinating country.


New Zealand road trip, 4 weeks in New Zealand

So, four weeks is a lot of time, so jump into detailed itineraries here:

Let the journey take you to  India - Kerala
Jump into week one: Kia ora!
Continue tirelessly with week two!
Going south on week three!
Last week: Haere rā!E noho rā!



We’re so happy with our time in NZ so we’re definitely coming back there! Is there a spot you’d recommend to us? Let us know!

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