Japan – rising sun and cherry blossom

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It was high time to focus on what’s important. How can you find the right focus when you are so used to be thorn apart between thousands of things, projects, people?

The best part of the year was approaching – the longest possible consequence of official holidays and non-working days. We were starting to get desperate with every day passing by with no significant travel deals. Almost three weeks of freedom and no ideas where to head to?! Ten days before the Good Friday we stumbled upon it – our dream – with its shy but reasonable presence! The place where focusing and to concentrating were as easy as а child’s play. Japan.

Флагът на Япония или точка на концентрация?
Japan’s flag or a concentration point?


How can you organize from scratch a 17-day trip that starts in less than a week? You practice focus and concentration, and add some sleepless nights, some quick online reservations, quite some communication. We were late and in addition to that, it was the blossom season in Japan!


Mount Fuji and blossoms


Read, ask, absorb – things started to get in order. We planned our trip to Japan. It was so much fun by the way! It is strange how people are willing to pay someone else to do this cool job!


Now it’s time to get really excited the rising sun and the cherry blossoms in Japan!




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