A lyrical passage in Kosice, Slovakia

Kosice is the largest city in eastern Slovakia, but as soon as you step into the Old Town you feel like in a cozy little town out of fairy tales.

A town where not only does everyone know each other, but they also smile at strangers.

A town where you can drink beer with a blanket outside the bars on a late October afternoon.

A town on whose main street a tram once rang. Now the big cathedral is kind of lonely.

Tall buildings also absorb the last rays of the sun. It’s getting really cold in the narrow streets, and I’m already lost.

And the street musician is gone, should I go to a cafe? Conversations are lively, although there are few people outside.

Are they looking forward to winter, or are they still enjoying summer?

The wind helps me fly over the cobblestones of Kosice, I’m still looking for a touch of sun.

I no longer wait to hear the tram, although I look for it at every crossing.


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