London zoner – things to do in the city and further afield

Did you know that London is the most populous city in the U.K.? Did you know Greater London is the administrative region to set boundaries for London? It has 33 districts including the City of London. Did you know London Tube covers … Read More

The secrets of Matka Canyon near Skopje, Macedonia

Not too far from the capital of Macedonia – Skopje, is located the Matka Canyon. It is a place that attracts locals and their guests, but is still unknown to random travelers. Is this a well-kept secret of Macedonia? Or … Read More

Following Medieval vibes in Sighisoara

Romania. Transylvania. The medieval town of Sighisoara. The Clock Tower welcomes the visitors of the Old Town of Sighisoara. Then you are handed over to the alluring pubs, the humble churches, and the tiny cobblestone streets. Had Romanians discovered time travel, or … Read More

9 (un)usual things you will find in the handbags of Sofia ladies

It might be highly inappropriate to take a look inside a lady’s handbag. Shiny lipsticks, keys to the home, and a mobile phone? Those are some of the most common items to find in a lady’s handbag. What happens if … Read More

18 rules and tips for lush picnics in New Zealand

You don’t have to ask a kiwi what a typical thing to do in New Zealand is. You can see for yourself that every green field, every little beach and generally every spot in the open air (and they have … Read More

20 rewarding hikes in New Zealand

Walking, hiking, trekking, tramping – New Zealand has a lot to offer for those of you willing to move. Combine some physical exercise with indulging your eyes and you will fall in love with tramping, as kiwis call it. We put together … Read More

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