8 Best Places to Visit in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

If you’re in the southern highlands of Sri Lanka, take time to visit waterfalls, tea plantations, national parks, peaks, and farms. These attractions are among the best places to visit in Nuwara Eliya. Read on for our favorite places in the Nuwara Eliya area! You’ll tour these beautiful places and finish with a cup of Sri Lankan tea!

Sri Lanka tea terraces and plantations

Ramboda Waterfall

Ramboda Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. If you’re looking for something easy to get to and beautiful scenery, then you can’t go wrong with this one. The waterfall is situated on the River Kelani and is a mere 358 feet high, but it’s a great place to take a walk or hike. Located just one hour south of Nuwara Eliya, Ramboda Waterfall is an impressive sight. The two waterfalls are attached and are an absolute must-see.

Visitors can also hike to the bottom of the waterfall. While the main fall is accessible from the road, the lower fall is only accessible from a footpath or by hiking. If you prefer a more up-close view, you can opt to stay at Ramboda Falls Hotel. The hotel’s restaurant has a breathtaking view of the waterfall. It also has a trail that leads to the falls’ natural pools.

Tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya

When you visit the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, you will see a beautiful and unique part of the country. The southern highlands are covered in rows of deep green tea bushes, speckled with color. The plantations are alive with activity, and the people plucking the leaves of each shrub work barefoot along the rows. Tea is processed in nearby factories and then shipped to market.

The lush greenery of the plantations has a calming effect. In fact, green is the most relaxing color in the spectrum, which is why you’ll find hospitals with a lot of green in the interior. It’s no wonder then that you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed when you visit the tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya. The beautiful views from the plantations make for a memorable experience, and you can taste world-class teas as a souvenir.

The main conservation issues affecting plantations include the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and soil erosion. Increasing the use of organic farming practices, aforestation of native plant species, and the establishment of reserved forest areas can help improve biodiversity in the plantations. In the meantime, tea enthusiasts can try tea picking and enjoy a relaxing day at the plantations while learning about the history of tea cultivation in Sri Lanka.

Tea picking at Damro Tea Factory, Sri Lanka

Tea tour at Damro Tea Factory

A tea tour at the Damro Labookellie Tea Estate in Nuwara Eliya is one of the most authentic and rewarding ways to experience the culture of Sri Lanka’s finest tea. This beautiful tea estate is situated on 5000 acres of lush tea plantations. The Damro Tea Factory produces both black and white tea and processes green tea in a separate factory. Visitors can experience both tea manufacturing processes and learn about the tea-growing process in this stunning location. After the tour, you’ll be rewarded with a free cup of tea from the cafe.

If you’re looking for a great break from the busy traffic of the city or city tourism, consider taking a walk in the area. This place is popular with young couples and families. For another perspective of the tea plantations, a train ride from Kandy or Ella is a beautiful experience and a must-do when exploring this part of Sri Lanka. But be sure to avoid visiting Nuwara Eliya in the rainy season – the country receives torrential rain during this time.

Horton Plains National Park

Located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Horton Plains is an area of montane grassland and cloud forest at an altitude of around 2,100 meters. The area is rich in biodiversity, with many endemic species. Its proximity to Nuwara Eliya makes it a popular tourist destination. Visitors can reach the park by driving to Ohiya Gap and descending to Dondra Watch.

Horton Plains National Park is located an hour’s drive from Nuwara Eliya. The park is known for its picturesque cloud forests, cliffs, and montane grasslands. A walk in the park is a great way to explore this beautiful area. The park is a great spot to observe wildlife but be prepared for it to be a bit primitive. If you’re looking for an adventure, take a hike through the national park. World’s End is a spectacular escarpment and waterfall.

Baker’s Falls and World’s End hike

The renowned waterfall in Sri Lanka, Baker’s Falls, is the first place you visit on the 9-kilometer hike. The waterfall is located in Horton Plains National Park, on a tributary of the Belihul Oya. During the hike, you will be able to admire the natural beauty of this national park and the waterfall. The waterfall is accessible by foot or by bicycle, and the scenic route (appr. 3 kilometers from the parking lot) is suitable for all levels of fitness.

If you do not feel comfortable hiking alone or if you’re worried about hiking on uneven terrain, you can hire a guide. The cost of a guide varies depending on the guide’s skills and experience. World’s End is an incredible hike (3 more kilometers after Baker’s Falls), and the views from the top are amazing. Then you can continue to Mini World’s End for some more picturesque glimpses over the valley. There are some places to rest but bring enough water with you. The whole circle hike from the parking lot to Baker’s Falls to World’s End to Mini World’s End to the parking lot is about 9 kilometers.

More great places in Nuwara Eliya town

The town is famous for its lush greenery and cool climate. The British were attracted to Nuwara Eliya because of its beauty. The cool climate has allowed modern residents to preserve the town’s natural beauty. Visitors can also see waterfalls, tea plantations, and hillside meadows. In addition to these natural attractions, the city also features colonial architecture. To immerse completely and follow the locals, don’t forget to sip some of the natural Ceylon tea.

If you love nature, then visiting the many natural attractions of Nuwara Eliya is a must. It is home to a number of endemic species, including lions, leopards, and deer. You can take a walk to the cliff-side area to enjoy the view. Another area you should visit is Galway’s Land National Park. Located just 3 km away from the city, this national park is home to a wide variety of exotic birds and animals. It is open all year long, making it a great place to spend a day.

Sri Padaya (Adam’s Peak)

This majestic mountain, also known as Sri Pada or Samanala Kanda, stands at over 2,243 meters (7,359 feet). It is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the country and is visited by pilgrims of all religions. Many Buddhists believe that it is the footprint of the Buddha, Hindus believe it is Shiva’s footprint, and Muslims and Christians believe it to be Adam’s footprint.

There are several ways to reach the peak: the main two are from Hatton or Rathnapura. Most people prefer to start from Hatton, but there are alternative routes as well. Either way, you should definitely get there and take in the view! You will not regret your trip to Adam’s Peak! This spectacular mountain is a must-see for those visiting the Nuwara Eliya area.

The peak is a sacred site for Buddhists. Pilgrims take several hours to climb the peak. The peak is easiest to climb from December to May, but it is not advisable to do it in other months, since it can be prone to heavy rain and high winds. The best time to climb the peak is during sunrise when the enigmatic shadow of the mountain casts a triangular shadow on the plain below.

Adam's Peak - Sri Padaya, Sri Lanka
Photo by Dhanura Munasinghe on Unsplash

Ambewela Farm

Ambewela Farm is located in the rolling hills outside of Nuwara Eliya. Visitors will have the opportunity to see and interact with cows, watch milking, and view calves in a nursery. The farm is huge and visitors will be able to sample or buy fresh cheese as well as other products made from milk. A visit to the farm is also a great way to relax after a day of sightseeing or hiking. You can soak in the scenery and take a break from your active life by visiting Ambewela Farm.

Ambewela Farm, Sri Lanka
Photo by Dinuka Lankaloka on Unsplash

Those were our suggestions for the best places to visit in Nuwara Eliya. This area should definitely be on your Sri Lanka itinerary. Have you ever been to some of those places?

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