The best of Egypt: Hurghada excursions and tours

After some detailed research resulting in having to book ultra-expensive flights to Egypt, we decided to take up an offer from a tourist agency and visit the country by staying in an all-inclusive beach resort in Hurghada. It was not … Read More

Our terrific Turkey itinerary + travel tips

We started drafting this article just as we got back from Turkey and couldn’t be more grateful to 2020 and its challenges for the opportunity to finally spend more time and get to know our neighboring country. We’ve spontaneously set … Read More

Our Santorini itinerary and magical island moments

Trying to find a Santorini itinerary for 3, 4, 5, or more days or want to know how many days to spend on the island? We were like that before going to Santorini. But then, after some research, we decided … Read More

“The Magic of Traveling in Tanzania” book

Tanzania was a dream for us ever since we set foot in Africa for the first time, more than seven years ago. Sometimes it happens that opportunities come across when you expect them the least. Luckily, we didn’t have to … Read More

Our favorite things to do in Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is one of those capitals that we believe will leave a vivid memory in you, once you visit it. It’s one of the cleanest places on Earth (even with almost 2 million people living there), it has a great … Read More

A trip to Sappho’s island – Lesbos island itinerary

It’s high time we tell you about a magical weekend trip in Greece – a trip to Lesbos island. An island in the northeastern Aegean that has been a part of the Anatolian mainland in Mesolithic times, became an important … Read More

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