Travel is the best way to live.

New Zealand trip
Let’s immerse ourselves in the endless beauty of New Zealand and absorb every view on the road.

One of the very few places on Earth where just driving the roads is a tourist attraction itself! Those views won’t leave you alone, even if you try to look for something ugly or boring – that won’t happen! The memories from endless green fields with sheep and majestic mountains appearing after a turn or two still make our hearts beat faster!

🚗 road trip
4 weeks. 2 for North island, two for South island; or just as much time as you can afford.

Let’s explore the Balkans, the local manners, unknown places and jewels on the road.

The Balkan peninsula is always there to surprise us! We can go in winter to meet the snowy capitals, raw wind over the fortresses, good rakia and mad pigeons. We can go in fall and enjoy the sunny memories on the cobblestone streets, the scent of sea, and laundry hung outside. We can go in summer – to sunbathe at the seaside or lakeside, to feel some noise and joy and some flirty looks. Or we go in spring – and be surprised at every corner!

🚗 road trip
a weekend, or 5 days, or 10 days

brussels collage Mini Europe
Let’s surprise ourselves with an unusual combination in Europe – Brussels, Tenerife, Milan.

Europe is so small and so connected! That’s why it’s easy to combine few beers in Brussels downtown with volcanic beaches and lava hikes in Tenerife, and with wandering in Milan! And it’s possible, affordable and so much fun! Just close your eyes and put a finger on Europe’s map. Where are you going to?

1 week

Let’s take the most of our few days off in Malta.

Sometimes we just don’t have lots of time, but let’s not lose heart! We could take advantage of the not so fast public transport and the windy boats in Malta. We could jump from cities with unexpected twists in history to sunny shores, from Popeye’s village to the charming islands nearby.

🚌 🚢 buses inland, boats along the coastline or to Gozo
3 days

MSC cruise ship at Genoa port ready to board
Let’s feel Mediterranean wind on a cruise to Genoa, Barcelona, Casablanca, Malaga, Lisbon.

Sailing is not so scary – those cruise ships are so entertaining that it’s hard to leave after all! One day we listen to Italian, the next day to Spanish, then to Arabic, then to Portuguese. While you “teleport” over water there is plenty of activities to prevent you from getting bored!
🚢 cruise ship
1 week

Ireland, Wild Atlantic Way, Kilkee to Loop Head
Let’s follow the leprechaun and surround ourselves in greenеry while stepping on century-old castles in Ireland.

Attention! Leprechauns are beautiful creatures always there to help you when you don’t expect it at all or to lead you to places without you even realizing that! They might be hiding in the little colorful villages, they might be jumping off the highest cliffs. We followed an invisible leprechaun in Ireland and it takes us to places and views where every actor could forget their lines!
🚗 road trip
8 days