13 Best Things to Do and Tourist Attractions in Bahrain

Bahrain is a fascinating place to explore, with its diverse culture and history, beautiful scenery, and thrilling activities. Whether you’re looking for an exciting trip or a relaxing getaway, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant Gulf nation. From Formula 1 to karting, from traditional markets to modern malls, and from ancient ruins to islands in the Persian Gulf, let’s explore the best things to do and tourist attractions in Bahrain.

Formula 1, Bahrain 2023

Formula 1 in Bahrain

For lovers of speed and action, the Bahrain International Circuit is home to some of the most exhilarating motorsport events in the region. Every year since 2004, Sakhir has hosted the iconic Formula 1 Grand Prix – a race that brings together some of the world’s top drivers and teams. Its 5.412km track features wide straights and tight corners that promise an adrenaline-filled day out no matter where you sit. If you’re feeling brave enough, there is also a range of other driving experiences available at the circuit, including karting and off-road buggy adventures.

Formula 1, Bahrain 2023

The experience of attending a Formula 1 race in Bahrain in 2023 was absolutely thrilling. The atmosphere was electric, with the cheering and roaring of engines echoing across the track as the cars sped along. The grandstands were packed with F1 fans from all over the world, and it felt like being part of an international celebration. The weather was perfect for watching a race outdoors – sunny but not too hot – and there was plenty to do off-track too, including live music, food stalls, and much more. Of course, seeing a Grand Prix race in person is something entirely different from watching it on television or online – it’s an immersive experience that will stay with you for years to come.

Formula 1, Bahrain 2023

Tickets for attending a Formula 1 race in Bahrain are available online and we got them from this website. Prices vary according to seating selection and location. Our Grandstand Turn One tickets cost 290 euros per person. The tickets also include access to certain areas around the track, so it’s worth checking out what other benefits you can get when you purchase your tickets. Additionally, many F1 teams offer discounts for fans who book their tickets ahead of time via their official websites or social media channels.

Formula 1, Bahrain 2023

Getting to the track is fairly straightforward; shuttle services are available from major hotels in Manama and around the island, while taxis and Uber rides are both widely accessible as well. There is plenty of parking around the site, which makes getting there easy regardless of the mode of transport used. For those flying into Bahrain for the event, there are direct flights from various parts of Europe and Asia.

Formula 1, Bahrain 2023

As far as positives go when attending a Grand Prix race in Bahrain, one thing that stands out is its combination of stunning desert scenery with modern technological amenities that make visiting this place an unforgettable experience. From the high-end luxury hotels nestled on palm-studded beaches to motor racing tracks suitable for all levels of drivers – whether beginner or professional – this country has something for everyone eager to explore its culture and landscape through motorsport events like Formula 1 races! Additionally, safety measures have been put in place so we can enjoy the event without any worries about security threats or disruptions of any kind.


Karting fans will love Bahrain International Circuit’s GO KART track – one of only two in the Middle East region. The 800m track offers a serious test for any driver, with 14 corners around its high-speed loop. Drivers can choose from double engine karts or single engine karts – both offering an exciting experience perfect for anyone aged 6 years old or above! With professional instructors on hand to offer tips on improving your times each lap, this will surely be a hit with all racing fanatics. Of course, karting was out of the question for us when Formula 1 happened!

Manama Souq & Muharraq Souq

No visit to Bahrain would be complete without exploring its bustling souqs (markets). Manama Souq is located right next door to Bab Al Bahrain (Gateway of Bahrain), while Muharraq Souq dates back over two centuries, so it’s packed with historical charm as well as plenty of souvenirs and treats! Explore these traditional markets by foot and barter your way through them – don’t forget to haggle!

Manama Souq, Bahraim
Muharraq Souq, Bahrain

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

An essential stop on any tour of Manama is Al Fateh Grand Mosque – one of the largest mosques in the world with room for over 7500 worshippers! This picturesque religious site was built between 1987 and 1988 using white marble sourced from nearby quarries resulting in stunning Islamic arches which dazzle even more when lit up at night. It’s open every day except Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and the visit includes a free 20-minute lecture. No matter what time you visit, it’s well worth stopping off here – even if just quickly admiring its beauty from outside before continuing on to your next destination!

Bahrain Fort (Qala’at al-Bahrain)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, Qala’at al-Bahrain (or ‘Bahrain Fort) overlooks Manama Bay providing breathtaking views across its impressive walls that still stand almost intact today despite being constructed some 5000 years ago! Visitors can take guided tours around or explore by themselves this historic fortress which reveals fascinating stories about life during ancient times here at this archaeological gem – don’t miss out on visiting one of Bahrain’s oldest sites when you’re on the island!

Bahrain Fort, Bahrain

Boat Tour To Jarada Island

For breathtaking views over Manama Bay, head out onto the water by boat for a trip around Jarada Island. Book yourself onto an organized boat tour (we used Ootlah) so you don’t miss this somehow still hidden gem with stunning sandbanks appearing and disappearing daily from the tides. A fun fact is that British forces used this island as their base during wartime operations. So, get ready for lots of photo ops as you snap away at all those azure stunning views!

As part of the tour, you will be provided with a table and chairs with an umbrella to relax, snorkeling gear, and a music speaker (it can get a bit too musical when a few boats get together on the island).

Block 338 In Manama

Get ready for some fun nights out when visiting Block 338 located right near Manama City Centre Mall. This area boasts dozens of restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and nightclubs, which come alive until late into each night. Whether you want trendy cocktails or gourmet dishes – there’s something here for everyone! 

Block 338, Manama, Bahrain

Pearling Path Visitor & Experience Center

Step back into time at Pearl Path Visitor & Experience Center, situated near Arad Fort . Originally built as an educational center aiming to preserve local pearling heritage, this interactive museum showcases artifacts such as traditional fishing tools and boats used by generations upon generations before us. Guided tours are also available should you want more information about why pearl diving was such an important part of life here in Bahrain. Or you might opt for a dive and find your own pearls.

Bahrain Bay

Located just off Manama’s coast is Bahrain Bay, an artificial peninsula built on reclaimed land. This area has become one of the most popular attractions in Bahrain for both tourists and locals alike. Here you can find a number of upscale hotels, high-end restaurants, trendy bars, and shopping malls. There’s also a stunning marina connected to the bay where boats can dock up and visitors can enjoy watersports like sailing or jet skiing.

Bahrain Bay, Bahrain

The Tree of Life

In addition to its urban attractions, Bahrain also offers plenty of natural beauty as well. One of its most famous landmarks is The Tree of Life; an 400-year old tree located in the middle of an otherwise barren desert landscape. According to legend, this tree was planted by divine intervention when one man traveled far distances seeking water for his family only to be rewarded with water springing forth near the base where he planted what we now call The Tree Of Life. Although it stands alone without any other vegetation around it, The Tree Of Life continues to thrive and stands as a symbol of endurance in difficult conditions.

Bahrain, The Tree of Life

Malls Of Bahrain

When visiting any Middle Eastern country, it would be impossible not to mention shopping! No matter what kind of items you’re looking for—from luxury goods to traditional souvenirs—you’ll find something that suits your taste at one of the many malls across Bahrain. Some popular options include: The Avenues Mall, City Centre Mall, Seef Mall, Dana Mall, and Moda Mall —all offering an array of designer stores and international brands as well as food courts and entertainment centers. And most importantly, they offer shade and air-conditioning when it gets too hot outside.

A mall in Bahrain

Eating At Traditional Cafes & Restaurants

No visit to Bahrain would be complete without trying some local cuisine at traditional cafes or restaurants! For a truly authentic experience try Naseef Restaurant or Roche Cafe – both offer delicious traditional dishes such as kabsa (rice with meats), harees (porridge made from wheat) or shawarma (sandwiches filled with meat). You can even catch some live music performances at these venues while enjoying your meal. The meal we most enjoyed was the traditional Bahraini breakfast so make sure to try it at least once. It contains Baydh Tomat (eggs scrambled with crushed fresh tomatoes), Nikhee (chickpeas fried in a Bahraini-style sauce), Alo (sautéed potatoes with Bahraini spices), Khubz Tannoor (traditional Bahraini flat bread), and other tasty editions like falafels.

Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority App

For anyone planning their trip before arrival in Bahrain – download the official Bahrain by Tourism & Exhibitions Authority App available on all iOS/Android devices. This app contains all kinds of important information about tourist attractions such as museums, galleries, parks, current events, best places for nightlife/shopping/dining as well as detailed maps, directions, and tour operators – ensuring that you will easily navigate your holiday in Bahrain!

Views from Bahrain Fort, Bahrain

Getting Around with a local SIM and Uber in Bahrain  

We suggest getting a local SIM once you arrive in Bahrain – all three major telecoms have booths at the international airport and kind of offer the same tourism SIM card deal.

Uber is another great way to get around quickly and conveniently during your stay in Bahrain – just plug in your destination address into the Uber app! It’s fast, cost effective, and it helps save time while giving you access to places you may otherwise have difficulty getting to!

Where to stay in Bahrain

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Although there’s a plethora of fancy hotels and villas to rent, you might also want to check out more budget-friendly options. We chose The M Suite and our apartment was a great value for the price.

Bahrain Bay, Bahrain

Finally… all those activities and attractions took us 5 days but if something doesn’t fit into your schedule – take some time out simply wandering around Manama’s old city markets which remain unchanged over centuries; or relax on one of its stunning beaches while watching vibrant sunsets over palm trees. There are incredible experiences waiting for you in the beautiful historic kingdom known as Bahrain.

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