Apulia magical places and moments

Puglia is so full of magic that it keeps attracting us to its fairytale land. It’s really hard to do it justice, so we decided to put together our most magical moments from two of our visits in the time … Read More

Welcome to Finland – things to do in Helsinki in winter

It just so happened that we visited Finland for the first time in winter. The land where Santa Claus works from home welcomed us with chilly and short days, fierce wind, plenty of Christmas lights, and a good mood! Here … Read More

The best of Egypt: Hurghada excursions and tours

After some detailed research resulting in having to book ultra-expensive flights to Egypt, we decided to take up an offer from a tourist agency and visit the country by staying in an all-inclusive beach resort in Hurghada. It was not … Read More

Under the porticoes of Bologna, the towers of San Marino, and the sunroof of Dolce Vita

This time there were no grande surprises like on our trip to Rome and Tuscany on the occasion of our anniversary. There was just a 5-euro plane ticket to Bologna, a 10-euro ticket from Rome, and a strong wanderlust to … Read More

Our Santorini itinerary and magical island moments

Trying to find a Santorini itinerary for 3, 4, 5, or more days or want to know how many days to spend on the island? We were like that before going to Santorini. But then, after some research, we decided … Read More

Beach finds from Halkidiki – summer 2021

What did we come across in Halkidiki, looking for beaches, places to eat and drink, and experiences in the summer of 2021? Spending most of the summer at home in Greece, we would often bet on well-known places that proved … Read More

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